2021-03-02 In Like a Lamb?!… 🐑🔜🦁

March.. I think the saying is supposed to be “In like a lion and out like a lamb.” 


According to the Farmers’ Almanac, the weather folklore stems from ancestral beliefs in balance, meaning if the weather at the start of the month was bad (like a roaring lion), the month should end with good weather (gentle, like a lamb).


But what happens when March marches onto the scene like a gentle lamb? It’s Nebraska round here people and let me just tell you, when there’s not a lot going on (and there is often not) we get giddy talking about the weather. The buzz around town right now is about the potential for the temperature to break into the 60s and I’m just as excited as the next person. The 10 day extended forecast looks balls-out amazing and it fills me with joy thinking about the opportunities to get outside. 

But Again I ask, what happens after that? If the old farmers almanac saying is about balance, does that mean we’re in for trouble toward the end of the month? And should we forget so quickly that our beloved (and sometimes hated) furry friend Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow on February 2nd securing the prediction of six more weeks of winter? 

Incidentally when I decided to get married on February 2nd. And mark my words… I am the one who decided and didn’t entertain much discussion about it. When I came up with that date, the fact that it was Groundhog Day (or the Super Bowl) didn’t even enter my mind. Now it’s a pretty good joke. I’m still happy with my decision even if that means I have to share my special day with a woodchuck with an over-inflated ego. I digress.

The change in the weather has the distinct ability to change people’s moods. I know I’m not alone in this. The drone of life through winter in the Midwest is long and boring. Endless strings of cold and overcast days can cause even the most positive and energetic human to feel as though hibernation is a good option. Though this might be good for Netflix and Hulu and Sling (Disney Plus, Apple TV, and Amazon.. good grief!).. it is NOT good for the human psyche and soul. 

The bright sunshine and it’s warmth are essential for fulfillment. I mean, obvi a person can survive without it, but it becomes tough to get to a place of positive energy and enlightenment. Seasonal depression is a real thing and there’s a reason Seattle, as hip as it is, is also kind of a depressing. 

I’ve visited Seattle twice and both times felt very “meh” about the town. And that’s after going to some really cool places! It just feels so monotone. Perhaps I was just there on grey days, but I think they have a lot of those.


I’m looking forward to today despite another 4:30am wake up. I said to Jim at the breakfast table this morning, “i don’t know what’s different between yesterday and today, but today just feels like it’s going to be good.” Can it really be the weather? 

As of right now everyone else is either at school or work and I have the house to myself. I’m finally catching up with myself in regards to the to-do list and don’t feel too pressed about deadlines. I received more feedback late yesterday from the publisher who will be publishing my debut chapbook. It wasn’t from my assigned editor so I think I must have submitted with the option to request feedback. 

Strange to get feedback after they’ve already accepted it. It was written as if the person wasn’t aware it had been accepted. Maybe this is just a larger publishing company and my manuscript is just being pushed around different channels based on how I submitted it. Who knows what happens behind the scenes?? 🤷‍♀️

I now also have the official contract in my hot little inbox just waiting for me to have the time to really read it thoroughly. I would like to give myself an hour where I will be completely free of distraction. Today would probably be the perfect day for that. It will also help me keep the positive mood going as thinking about this book is starting to really sink in and I’m over my anxiety and getting excited about it.

I still haven’t told too many folks about it. A handful really but I think after the contract goes through and it’s “official” I’ll begin being more public about it. Not that the money matters beans to me but the presale numbers dictate the percentage I’ll collect on the deal. I mean to say, money matters, but I never expected to make anything from “selling” poems or books. 

Thus far in my poetry career I’ve collected exactly $110 and that’s a fraction of what I’ve spent on submissions. If this poetry game we’re offered at a casino, the odds are so bad nobody would play. 😜

When I quit my job I had a few friends comment “now I could give my life to poetry.” How true.

I’m giving poetry my time, money, and effort (measured in brain cycles). Not to mention my heart and soul through the words on the page. When I said “take all of me poetry” it seems as though poetry was listening and decided to take me up on the offer. 

Ok. That’s enough of that. One more comment and then I have to git. 

I’m working with a new set of metrics this week to measure how I’m doing with certain health goals. Sunday I busted my ass to get 30 minutes of cardio in on the bike and apparently my heart rate never reached the “cardio” threshold. I clocked a ton of time in the “fat burn” zone according to FitBit. What the hell??!! Thanks FitBit. 

So now I’m spending cycles figuring out what activities get me into that cardio zone (above 121 bpm). Yesterday it was walking really fast on the treadmill, which is slightly less like hell than jogging. I think Jazzercise would do it, but I’m not doing that yet. I’ve thought about classes at the gym. That would essentially be something I could do without shelling out loads of cash because classes are free with my membership, 

Anyhow. We’ll see how this week goes. 

Cheers to the anti-taco Tuesday,

~Miss SugarCookie

2021-02-16 A Good Day to Hide Inside and Under Blankets! ❄️ 🥶 💙

Different day, same story. Efffffing cold! School is cancelled and there’s rolling blackouts planned in the city to control power consumption. This beast of a house has its hot and cold spots and some pipes on the northwest side are at risk of freezing. Other duties as assigned for me today include keeping the water moving and taxi again as we still have a vehicle that’s stranded at Jim’s office and won’t start. 

The hot spot in the house is strangely the basement and I swear if the rest of the house gets cold, we can camp out there and stay toasty warm. 

Something about this cold just makes me want to climb under a blanket and watch TV and have coffee and snacks. As always though, I gotta get my steps in first. Yesterday, late I had a burst of energy and got a second set in which makes up for the day before when I was not feeling well and was seriously short of my goal. The plan today is to get back in the 10 k a day train. We’ll see. 

I’m really kind of in the mood to work on revisions today. I’m still holding steady at 64 open subs but think if there’s some good / free options I’d like to boost that number. I swear this is not to procrastinate stuff that needs doing for the lit mag. I’m done with declines for now and have more reading to do, but I’m not in the mood for that. I feel like being selfish. I feel like working on my own stuff. 

I mean, once I get my chores done that is. That includes taking the trash out. Did I mention it was cold out??!! Did I mention that I’m not excited about being outside at all for any reason? Yesterday’s grocery trip was so rapid fire, I missed some stuff and not not not excited about the prospect of going back today. Can’t we just shut the shit down and do nothing until the temp climbs back to positive digits? 

According to my weather app, that’s gonna be tomorrow. I think it’s personally reasonable to ask the Universe for a day off. Right??!! 

I might have to cut and run now.  Still not back to 100% after being sick this past weekend and my energy seems to have drained already. Hopefully I can get more steps later after I get some couch time. 🤷‍♀️

Stay Warm,

~Miss SugarCookie

2018-01-11 First Snow Day of the Year

My normal routine was interrupted today and mother nature is to blame… or to thank, depending on how you look at it.

It’s almost 9AM and I just woke up. I went to sleep just after 11PM last night knowing school was cancelled and the kids would not have to get up. Even with that thought, I woke up at 4AM anyway and started thinking about a number of things. Nothing of any real consequence, mind you, just stuff my brain is currently puzzling on. I was, however, able to fall back asleep by4:30 or 5.

Then, the alarm went off at 6:30 and I stopped it. That time, I was able to fall back to sleep almost immediately

I woke up just a few minutes ago and was shocked to find it was almost 9. That hasn’t happened since November 27th and even then, I went to bed after midnight. I really dig having a Fitbit and being able to know the exact stats on these things.

Anyway, the wind outside is pretty fierce at times and right now the snow is coming down fairly steadily. With dropping temps overnight and rain turning to snow, it means the roads will be an icy death rink and there’s no way I’m going anywhere until that gets cleared up. At least not in my car anyway.

So there will be no morning session at the gym today and no errand running and thankfully no chauffeuring to school. I’m going to let the kids sleep as long as they want and then enjoy having a whole extra day with them here that I would not normally get. I missed out while I was away at residency and I feel like we haven’t really re-connected yet.

I’ll still get some work in, and some AWS training in, and some reading and or writing in, but I’m going to allow myself to enjoy this departure from the norm. I think right now, some hot tea is in order and maybe some nice tunes to get the day going.

So Delightful,
~Miss SugarCookie

2017-08-20 Things You Can’t Control

My anxiety is high today. As the minutes tick by it is getting worse. Why do I feel this way? I really hate that I get so nervous about things I can’t control. Like the weather for example.

So here I am in Omaha, really, really close to the path of full totality for the eclipse. But Mother Nature may have other plans for all of us around here. I’ve had a rough “plan” around this whole thing from the very beginning and I mean really rough. I told the kids they could stay home from school because I was planning on taking them SOMEWHERE for the event. We were invited to hang out with my friend Denise who rented a camp site near Beatrice Nebraska which is in the path of full totality. Cool. But I hate to commit to anything like that because I wanted to stay flexible.

Up until a couple of days ago, I was still on the fence about it and wondering if it would not be easier just to get in the car and drive southwest and spend a picnic afternoon on the road, jumping out of the car to see this “once in a lifetime” spectacle. But I didn’t have glasses (because Denise had already bought some). So I had a mini freak out. I called around and ended up finding some at a nearby grocery store. They look legit. One crisis averted. I just needed to decide which way to go, south or west. I figured I would let the weather decide, which is also something you can’t really be sure about until it’s almost the day of.

Denise is already at the camp site and I was afraid of mass crowds and super bad traffic so I’m still hesitant to commit, but I had told her to save us a spot. Then this morning, she texts that the bad storm last night was 60MPH winds. Her tent broke and everything they brought got completely soaked. Now I am looking at the forecast and it’s going to be cloudy. So I am leaning on driving west, but now I feel bad for her and the fact that I probably will not go there. Waiting to hear back on how things are going as I type this.

It’s the weather though.. you know it is a thing that is outside of everyones control. Even my brother who does contract work for NASA could not have predicted what August 21st would be like in the year 2017. Although he is the one who told me the further north west you go the better the chance are for clear skies. Yes, my rocket scientist brother is in Casper Wyoming where the viewing will be outstanding. Of course.

I need to let go of this anxiety. All of this is outside of my control.

Now, let’s just pile on that I’m having guests today and they will be meeting my kids for the first time and I’m so nervous about that. I have no REAL reason to be nervous. They are great, my kids are great, the house is clean (as clean as it gets anyway), and I’m sure everything will e just fine… Still my heart is beating faster and I’m worried that something will go wrong. Someone will be in a bad mood, or they won’t be agreeable to whatever we elect to do for activities or will refuse to eat the food I cook. All of those are possible, but again, outside of my control. We are who we are and it is what it is. Part of me wonders why I am so riddled with anxiety over all of this because it’s just one afternoon in the grand scheme of things. But I am who I am and apparently that is out of my control too.

Hopefully once they get here and the kids start to play, my nerves will smooth out and everything will be fine. It will.. right?

Time to go finish a few last minute things. The kids are at Brian’s so I have to go get them. After that.. I’ll be quite preoccupied for the next 24+ hours. Probably no time for writing unless this eclipse is a total bust because of the weather.

Look to the Skies,
~Miss SugarCookie

2017-04-22 Waking Up in Phoenix

I went to bed after 10PM, but it was really after midnight according to my body clock, and I was wiped. Traveling does that. Amazingly I slept until 5:30AM, which is really 7:30. So that’s pretty awesome. I’ll be here for a week for a work project and I’m officially switching to west coast time so I’ll stop making reference to the time difference.

It was 62 degrees at 6AM and last night I bumped my hotel thermostat to 77 so the air would stop kicking on. It’s nice to be able to have it as warm as I want and right now it’s 75 in here and that seems about perfect. When I packed for my trip I was focussed primarily on two things.. having professional clothes for M-F and workout stuff. Yesterday I realized I did not have jeans to wear to be casual at the hospital over the weekend and now thinking a target run at 8AM might be in order. Truly, how can I really evaluate the livability of a city if I don’t visit at least one Super Target??! 😃

I am planning on getting a bit of a workout this morning before anything else just to get some steps in. Our project timeline had scripts running until 8AM but things are behind, so I’ll probably have free time until like 10AM. The hotel also has free breakfast until 10AM so I’ll have to capitalize on that.

There are palm trees out my window and though it’s not the best view, it feels great to be somewhere else. I’m excited to have this next week to rock and roll on this work stuff and capitalize on every other moment to get all the feels I can. On that note.. it’s time to go explore.

Happy Saturday,
~Miss SugarCookie

2017-03-28 Where’s the Bright Side?

I woke up with a slight headache this morning and it’s officially day 1 of my cycle. I don’t have to go into the office today, thank goodness. At the present moment I’m still in bed with my laptop and seriously considering just working from here until I really need to get up for some reason.

My knee is also hurting me, I think from too much cardio yesterday and the idea of more Jazzercise or elliptical or even walking sounds just dreadful right now. To make matters worse, it’s very overcast again today. I’m not sure how warm it will get, but I have a feeling I’m going to need some sort of motivation to make something out of this day.

It seems as though I have nothing nice to say, and I guess since that’s the case, I should stop saying anything at all. Perhaps putting on some upbeat tunes will turn things around as I dive into work. It is worth a shot…

Looking for the Bright Side,
Miss SugarCookie

2017-03-25 Ironic

I’m looking out the window this morning and I have Alanis Morissette whispering in my ear “Isn’t it Ironic.. don’t you think?”. We haven’t had any real precipitation for weeks and weeks (and it was an extremely dry winter). Last weekend we put together our new trampoline out in the back yard and it’s pretty much been raining ever since.

Then I answer “Yeah, I really do think”.

Perhaps the rain will clear this afternoon and we will get an opportunity to bounce, but it certainly will not be 80 and sunny like it was last Sunday. It will be 50 degrees at best.

I was pleased this past winter with the lack of snow and the cold spells not lasting for very long and spoiled in February for it to have been so nice. We had unseasonably warm temps most of the month and it was good enough to have played tennis outside five times during the month. Most excellent.

March has not been as nice as all that thus far, and the extended forecast shows that it will not get much better before months end. Then we will probably really be in for it with the April Showers. Who really knows though? One can’t truly know until it happens.

The kids and I have a lunch date today with my Mom and sister, Jamie, to celebrate respective birthdays. It’s Jamie’s birthday in five days and Z’s birthday was two and a half weeks ago and we just keep partying. Other than that, and Jazzercise this morning, and potentially jumping in the back yard this afternoon, we don’t have a lot planned for today, or for the whole weekend for that matter.

Working outside in the yard and in my gardens is top 5 on my favorites list, but sometimes I enjoy it when it rains and I can just wrap up in blankets and not have to do anything. Now isn’t THAT ironic? 😉

Going Back to Bed,
Miss SugarCookie