2018-01-11 First Snow Day of the Year

My normal routine was interrupted today and mother nature is to blame… or to thank, depending on how you look at it.

It’s almost 9AM and I just woke up. I went to sleep just after 11PM last night knowing school was cancelled and the kids would not have to get up. Even with that thought, I woke up at 4AM anyway and started thinking about a number of things. Nothing of any real consequence, mind you, just stuff my brain is currently puzzling on. I was, however, able to fall back asleep by4:30 or 5.

Then, the alarm went off at 6:30 and I stopped it. That time, I was able to fall back to sleep almost immediately

I woke up just a few minutes ago and was shocked to find it was almost 9. That hasn’t happened since November 27th and even then, I went to bed after midnight. I really dig having a Fitbit and being able to know the exact stats on these things.

Anyway, the wind outside is pretty fierce at times and right now the snow is coming down fairly steadily. With dropping temps overnight and rain turning to snow, it means the roads will be an icy death rink and there’s no way I’m going anywhere until that gets cleared up. At least not in my car anyway.

So there will be no morning session at the gym today and no errand running and thankfully no chauffeuring to school. I’m going to let the kids sleep as long as they want and then enjoy having a whole extra day with them here that I would not normally get. I missed out while I was away at residency and I feel like we haven’t really re-connected yet.

I’ll still get some work in, and some AWS training in, and some reading and or writing in, but I’m going to allow myself to enjoy this departure from the norm. I think right now, some hot tea is in order and maybe some nice tunes to get the day going.

So Delightful,
~Miss SugarCookie


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