2017-03-25 Ironic

I’m looking out the window this morning and I have Alanis Morissette whispering in my ear “Isn’t it Ironic.. don’t you think?”. We haven’t had any real precipitation for weeks and weeks (and it was an extremely dry winter). Last weekend we put together our new trampoline out in the back yard and it’s pretty much been raining ever since.

Then I answer “Yeah, I really do think”.

Perhaps the rain will clear this afternoon and we will get an opportunity to bounce, but it certainly will not be 80 and sunny like it was last Sunday. It will be 50 degrees at best.

I was pleased this past winter with the lack of snow and the cold spells not lasting for very long and spoiled in February for it to have been so nice. We had unseasonably warm temps most of the month and it was good enough to have played tennis outside five times during the month. Most excellent.

March has not been as nice as all that thus far, and the extended forecast shows that it will not get much better before months end. Then we will probably really be in for it with the April Showers. Who really knows though? One can’t truly know until it happens.

The kids and I have a lunch date today with my Mom and sister, Jamie, to celebrate respective birthdays. It’s Jamie’s birthday in five days and Z’s birthday was two and a half weeks ago and we just keep partying. Other than that, and Jazzercise this morning, and potentially jumping in the back yard this afternoon, we don’t have a lot planned for today, or for the whole weekend for that matter.

Working outside in the yard and in my gardens is top 5 on my favorites list, but sometimes I enjoy it when it rains and I can just wrap up in blankets and not have to do anything. Now isn’t THAT ironic? 😉

Going Back to Bed,
Miss SugarCookie

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