2017-04-22 Waking Up in Phoenix

I went to bed after 10PM, but it was really after midnight according to my body clock, and I was wiped. Traveling does that. Amazingly I slept until 5:30AM, which is really 7:30. So that’s pretty awesome. I’ll be here for a week for a work project and I’m officially switching to west coast time so I’ll stop making reference to the time difference.

It was 62 degrees at 6AM and last night I bumped my hotel thermostat to 77 so the air would stop kicking on. It’s nice to be able to have it as warm as I want and right now it’s 75 in here and that seems about perfect. When I packed for my trip I was focussed primarily on two things.. having professional clothes for M-F and workout stuff. Yesterday I realized I did not have jeans to wear to be casual at the hospital over the weekend and now thinking a target run at 8AM might be in order. Truly, how can I really evaluate the livability of a city if I don’t visit at least one Super Target??! 😃

I am planning on getting a bit of a workout this morning before anything else just to get some steps in. Our project timeline had scripts running until 8AM but things are behind, so I’ll probably have free time until like 10AM. The hotel also has free breakfast until 10AM so I’ll have to capitalize on that.

There are palm trees out my window and though it’s not the best view, it feels great to be somewhere else. I’m excited to have this next week to rock and roll on this work stuff and capitalize on every other moment to get all the feels I can. On that note.. it’s time to go explore.

Happy Saturday,
~Miss SugarCookie

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