2017-01-21 THAT Happened

I’m notorious for being ignorant of news events happening locally, nationally, and globally. For many years I tried to pay attention, but two factors have led me to the conclusion that living under a rock is WAAAAY better.

The first thing is that it’s mostly just really awful stuff you hear about. It seems like every news story is trying to Trump the one from before (pun intended). We have public shootings where the body count get’s higher, the crowd gets younger, the details get just a little more terrifying. We have wars both between different countries and civil wars ongoing for years. We have natural disasters and poverty and corporate scandal and, oh yeah, little things like some clown actually becoming the president of the United States. All of this just does not give me a warm fuzzy about the world or life, and part of me feels like it’s better to try and see all the positive things and block out the negatives. The media just does not make that easy.

The second thing is that I do have a lot of empathy within me and I am powerless to help or fix any of the things that are broken. I could dedicate my entire life to a cause and never make a dent in it. That also leaves me feeling pretty rotten about life. I certainly have no say-so in who the president of the United States is. Sure, I voted for Hillary but I live in a conservative state and it’s as good as saying, my vote really doesn’t count. So what if I think the whole electoral college thing is kind of messed up.. I’m not going to be able to change that either. Why even spend energy thinking about it.

That being said, I know what happened yesterday and though I may sometimes choose to live under a rock, I feel it’s important to acknowledge the change. We did get a new president. It is a terrifying situation. I’m unsure how things will unfold or how it will affect my life or my kids’ lives but life goes on none the less.

The Beat Goes On,
~Miss SugarCookie

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