2017-02-15 The Strangest of Days

I ran through my entire day today on less than two hours of collective sleep last night. I worked, and walked, and went to my son’s parent teacher conferences.

I was highly productive this morning assisting in fixing issues at upwards of 6 customers and finished annual peer reviews on 4 of my co-workers. Throughout the day I answered dozens of emails and provided feedback to my teammates when they had questions.

I put away my clean laundry (except for matching socks), managed to get to the store to buy cat food, and hit up the Dunkin’ for a macchiato.

I found time to walk an hour around the lake under the warm rays of the sun as it was another beautiful February day. I did something I have never done before which is to bring a bottle of honey mead to enjoy along the way. By the time the walk was done, I was so tired and silly, but felt amazing.

I cooked tacos for dinner and sacrificed Jazzercise for a one hour power nap before conferences.

At parent teacher conferences I listened intently at the broken record that my son’s teachers were playing about him not doing his homework. “He’s extremely bright, and scores well on tests and participates in class, but just does not turn in his assignments”. Over and over, like 6 times. I could do an entire blog post about this topic alone. Good grief.

As I said, I did all this on almost no sleep last night and I’m still going because I’m sitting at my laptop right now writing about it. I’m actually not sure how I am still awake and what is even stranger is that I’m feeling so good. It just does not make sense to me how this could all work out, when it could have and should all gone horribly wrong today.

What makes the body endure? What makes the mind persist? What power can grant such sustainability on one day and render a person completely useless the next? These are questions that I may never have the answer to. I just have to learn to appreciate the strange and accept the unknowns.

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