2017-04-09 A Not So Lazy Sunday

The wind is picking up outside and on my way home from the store I saw sparks of lightning behind the clouds in the sky. It’s late and dark on a Sunday and I’m very ready to call it quits for today. I woke up at 7AM and for the life of me I can’t figure out how to sleep past that. Not without some drugs anyway. So I started doing little things around the house.

By 8 AM I had decided to go to 8:30 Jazzercise. When I arrived back at home at 9:40, the kids were still sleeping. I look longingly at them in their beds wishing I could sleep-in like that. It does not seem to matter how late I stay up. /sigh

We had a pretty well rounded day. I was able to do some yard work and chores at home and Z and I rode our bikes to Dairy Queen to have treats. After that, we all jumped on the trampoline and really by that time I was completely worn out. No matter, I still had to mow.

Once the sun went down we sat down to dinner together and I decided I needed to run to the store to get supplies for breakfast and lunch this week. I just arrived back home and am already in my pajamas ready to turn the lights out and enjoy what sounds like it might be a good storm. I checked the Weather app and it does not look like rain, but it would be great if we got some anyway.

On that note, time to turn the lights out and really be done.


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