2017-05-05 Happy FriYay!

My last post was about sleep being my goal. The ones before that were about my work issues and my relationship issues. The ones before that were about sleep being my goal. I’m detecting a trend.

I was once asked why I write. My answer is simply because it is who I am. It’s my purpose and my process. In the end, the words may be there for posterity, but in the moment it is more about what I need and what helps get me through. Life can be long and boring therefore it stands to reason that blogs can be repetitive and boring and what may seem interesting at the start loses its luster after being repeated 15 times. That fact doesn’t matter to me though. I’m still going to say what I need to say. Or rather, write what I need to write.

I’ve been on the precipice of change for a while now. I’ve felt the swell of it inside of me and sometimes I let it take over my mind and lead me to the future in a daydream. Sometimes I squash it like a bug and force myself back to this reality. I find that when I open my mind to new possibilities, I feel more free and happy and hopeful. When I dial it back in, I’m left discouraged, upset, and stuck.

I think what I need for today, which promises to be a banner weather day with yard work and tennis and grilling out, is more day dreaming. I need to combat the pressures being placed upon my life with a positive attitude fueled by freedom from consequences. I’m going to enjoy myself and not worry about what I do or do not get done. I’m not going to have a Friday, I’m going to have a FriYay!

Ready for the Feels,
~Miss SugarCookie

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