2017-05-06 Everything and Everything

It took me a while yesterday, but I got to a place where I could be free… where my mind could be free. I really needed to disconnect from life and recharge and though I feel like I have farther I should travel on that path this weekend, I’m on my way.

For the first half of the day, starting at about 5AM, I was completely buried once again in work and the weight of hours and hours of issues and critical mass projects bearing down on me. My opener was an hour spent on updating an issues list spreadsheet which has consumed now countless hours in the last two weeks and I have no love for it. The middle was 3 straight hours of conference calls with customers of varying degrees of difficulty. The end came at 10PM at night when I sat down to do a thing I promised someone I would do by the end of the day and did a little bit extra just so I could feel like I had accomplished SOMETHING productive and really free my mind of worry over it for the weekend. For my 3 day weekend.

I’m up early again and writing in the morning which sometimes feels like a good use of time if I’m really not ready to get out of bed or have things that have disturbed my slumber which need attention. Today I don’t have a particular topic in mind so it’s bound to be quite rambly.

Rambly like talking about using a word that is not really a word and fighting with Evernote which continuously tries to spell correct it to something else and won’t let me continue or NOT spell correct it no matter what key strokes I use. Apparently “rambly” is not a word. I figured it out though (how to stop the autocorrect), after three tries.

Today is my son’s 13th birthday party. An event I, for once, planned well in advance. I wanted to make it special and knowing how much he liked the first Guardians of the Galaxy, I felt it was completely necessary to get tickets for him and his buddies to a 7PM show the opening weekend of the sequel. So that is what is going down tonight. It’s going to be wicked fun and I’ve even bought extra tickets and invited a few other folks (his dad and his dad’s girlfriend) so it can really feel like it is all about him. I did end up with an extra ticket, which was for one of his friends who could not go, but don’t really have an alternate invite. In any case, I’m stoked about it.

The sun is coming up now and I think I am going to sink back down into my bed and relax for a little longer before really getting up to start my day. I am looking forward to the next three days of awesomeness and I am going to do everything and everything to make it the best it can be.

Positively Positive,
~Miss SugarCookie

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