2017-05-07 About a Boy

There’s a lot going on.. always. You know there’s so much I have to say and so much going on in my head and I could go on about it for hours and hours, but today I think I should just focus on the main event. My son.

When it was my daughters birthday back in March, it’s so Zoey centric. She’s the center of the universe and makes sure people recognize that on her birthday. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, that’s just the way she is right now. But my son, Cooper, is just the opposite. He’s chill and mostly quiet and much of the time does not want to draw attention to himself. On this day though, May 7, he IS in the spotlight because of his birthday.

Being Sunday, we were already in maxing out relaxing mode and he was in his happy place playing a video game most of the day. Around lunch, he and I went on a Target run to exchange a gift he had gotten from one of his friends from his party last night and as an added bonus we stopped by the Starbucks to get him an iced Chai. Most of our festivities are not planned on his actual birthday so today was very low key.

Since he is so easy going, it’s a pretty common thing for him just to do his own thing and not be too concerned about everything else, so I kind of feel like I neglected that today by not making things more special. Tomorrow we are both staying home from work and school to spend the day together and I’ll have the opportunity to make up for that.

Besides being a really cool cat, he’s also smart, very funny, and caring. He loves to read books and is really into board games and nerf guns. He does OK in school and pretty well on tests but hates homework and probably would sooner stab himself in the hand with a pencil than do a writing assignment. That’s not an understatement. He hates writing. I think that’s OK though. We like what we like and we don’t like what we don’t like and the sooner we can figure that out in life, the better off we will be.

A few years ago, him and his sister were best buds. She was the leader and he the follower and all was right with the universe. In the last few years though, he has started to stand up for himself where she is concerned and not just be the follower. They actually fight a lot right now, and at times it can get unbearable, but I’m glad he’s holding his ground and though there is now conflict, it will teach him how to deal with strong, stubborn women. I’m sure that is a skill that will come in handy sometime later in life.

Anyway, the boy is amazing, and I’m fortunate to have him in my life. He’s my best boy, my english accent buddy, my booty-bump dance partner, and above all, the one and only Super Cooper. I love you bunches and bunches!!


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