2018-08-26 Sunday Status Bday Style

Exercise.. Don’t care!

Healthy Eating.. Is for chumps.

Sleep.. There’s always tomorrow.

Work.. What’s that again? I can’t hear you. 🙉

School.. Let them eat cake! 🍰

Relationship status.. Cheers to that! 🥂

Yeah, it’s like that, but not without its thorns. Let me be clear.. Just because life is good, that doesn’t mean the struggles are nil. I still have to parent two teenagers who both melted down last night over a damn board game. Playing Catan and they both had 9 points and fistfuls of resources (I was behind by 1 with nada). There was screaming and swearing and you would have thought their lives were on the line. Then the game was over and C left in furious rage refusing to help pick up and Z melted down into a tearful pile. Apparently I’ve failed to teach them good sportsmanship. The worst part is that it wasn’t really about the game. It became a war of words where every mean thing one person had ever done to the other came out. Good grief.

I had to spend time with each one of them individually calming them down in the ways that work for them. For Z that means hugs and letting her cry and vent on my shoulder. For C that means a face to face where we talk it out with logic and reason. In the end, I brought them together to apologize and then we played a few games on our respective phones (nothing says togetherness like sitting in the same room staring down at your phone 😜).

Anyway, so that was the end of our day. The beginning was much better. We went to the pool and followed that up with our tradition.. Taco Johns 🌮 after swim time (nothing says love like potatoe oles dipped in nacho cheese sauce).

We did get one game of Tsuro of the Seas in, which I won. Thank goodness both of my kids were killed by dragons 🐉 instead of each other. The best part about that game is that it takes like 30 minutes tops unlike Catan which takes about 3 hours. My kids take endless amounts of time with their turns and it’s torture. I don’t think we’ll be playing that again for a long time. 🤷‍♀️

I love playing with the kids most of the time but I’m in serious need of a game night with adults. I’ve sort of fallen out of the group that I used to associate with that was into that sort of thing. A sacrifice of necessity. Mostly a time thing.

What of today then? Well, today I’m Bill Murray staring at the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man from the top of some metropolis waiting for the signal to cross the streams. Whatever happens next, I’m ready. After that the first round of Ectoplasm cocktails is on me.

On that note, it’s time for me to go write some poetry.

As always.. Thank you, Happy, More Please!

~Miss SugarCookie

2018-03-14 Made it with 4 Minutes to Spare

When we walked in, we were blindfolded and handcuffed and led down a hallway, hands on the shoulder of the person in front of us. Then, one by one we were placed in a dark room, behind bars. We’d just been kidnapped and had one hour to escape.

That was the scene yesterday afternoon at our escape room experience. I can say for certain I don’t like the feeling of not being able to see and having my hands in cuffs gave me serious reservations about the whole thing. As it happens, the blindfolds were just to enhance the effect and so that unease was lifted as soon as the door closed behind our “captor”.

It was a good game and I think we worked well as a team.. me and my Z and her 6 friends. At one point about half were working on one set of clues and the other half a different puzzle and without that, we never would have made it with 4 minutes to spare.

We did get a few “clues” along the way, mostly clarifying something we were on the right track with and a nudge on some aspect of it. My daughter has some pretty smart friends and for being the smallest of the group, she’s sure has a commanding voice. She’s definitely got leader potential.

After all that, the herd migrated back to my house and proceeded to destroy my kitchen and family room. They are all still sleeping in the basement now. I’m sure a good time was had by all and therefore it was a great successs.

I was able to get in almost 8 hours of sleep which is a fantastic success considering I had a house full of teenagers. There are advantages to having buffer space in the house to minimize noise. Still, I am looking forward to the other great escape which is all these girls going home so I can restore the house and relax in peace.

That officially wraps up the festivities for our grand sweet sixteen. It’s bittersweet. The years just fly by and I can’t believe what an amazing person my daughter is turning out to be. I love to see it, but it’s a little sad that three and eight and thirteen are in the rear view. So many great memories. We have to embrace each special moment as it happens in the present and keep looking forward to the next wonderful thing.

Good till Seventeen,

~Miss SugarCookie

2018-03-07 Exactly Sixteen Years Ago

Last night I could barely keep my eyes open past 9PM, I was so tired. I’m truly not sure what I was so tired from, because I barely did anything at all yesterday. I didn’t really work and did mostly running around shopping for my Z and a little writing. Dinner with the kids and my mom and her husband for Z’s bday at Texas roadhouse, and then back home. I tried to read and my eyes were literally blurring the words on the page. I think that is a combination of being tired and just getting older. Nothing is what it used to be, but that is another topic for a different day.

It’s now 2:22 AM and I’ve just gone AMA (my own) and taken half a Xanax because I just can’t deal with a sleepless night right now with so much that needs to get happen tomorrow and the remainder of the week. Funny the way it is, when there is a lull, I can sleep just fine, but as soon as things start getting a little hectic that’s when the insomnia monster rears its ugly head. Of course, it is always when one needs it the most. As a consequence of the medicine, I may not (will hopefully not) be writing long.

The main topic at hand is my Z and her 16th birthday today!! Today is one of those days that’s nice to look back on previous years. Just before I started writing, I read my blog post from last year and sure enough, that day all came rushing back to me. Right now, though, in the middle of the night and all alone, I’m inclined to think further back than that to 16 years ago when I woke around midnight to go to the bathroom and my water broke.

By 1AM we were probably in the hospital all checked in and by this time, around 2:30, I was heavy into having contractions and probably still under the delusion that I was going to give birth “naturally”. That is, without pain meds. Laughable.

By 2ish, I was becoming increasingly aware of just how bad labor pains really could be. You hear stories, but you just never know. Everyones pain threshold is relative too so you really just can’t gauge it until you feel it for yourself. It was bad. So that is where I was at Exactly Sixteen Years Ago, right this very minute.

By 3 I think I caved and asked for something to help and they gave me some sort of oral med to “take the edge off”, which only made me feel super loopy and didn’t even touch my pain. After that, I was a hot mess. Brian’s parents showed up and in my heightened emotional state I started to cry and demand they leave immediately. I had requested they not be there so why they decided to come anyway in the middle of the night was beyond me. I didn’t want my parents there either, but they respected my wishes and waited until after Z was born to grace us with their presence.

Maybe around 4 or 5 I finally got an epidural, I am not quite sure what time it was, but I was in so much pain, I didn’t even feel that giant needle going in. The only thing I remember was that what followed was sweet relief and I was pissed at myself for being so stubborn and waiting so long. The few hours between then and delivery in the 8 o’clock hour were not memorable, thank goodness.

There’s more details I could share, but honestly, “aint nobody got time for that”.

It’s a little tough for me to believe that the very same 6 pound, 6 ounce baby girl they placed into my arms that morning is now 16 and almost an adult. She’s an amazing person and so full of love and life. She’s a talented artist, intelligent, beautiful, sassy, and very, very thoughtful. I could not ask for a better person to call my “princess pudding pie”.

Today will be a pretty routine day for us with going out to dinner again tonight being the only celebratory event (apparently, celebrations always revolve around food). Tomorrow is when her and I really get into putting our party hats on, because we’re both taking the day off to spend time together doing whatever she wants to do. Just the two of us. I look forward to that every year.

Perhaps we will take a walk down memory lane together and go through her baby books and oogle over how incredibly cute she was. We’ll see what kind of mood she is in.. you never know with teenagers. She might want to sleep until noon and then just go shopping for the afternoon. /Shrug

Anyway, I should let the meds take over now and try and sleep. Getting some of these thoughts down in words will hopefully help release my mind so I can get quality sleep for the rest of the night and be refreshed tomorrow to do “all the other things”.

Sleepy in Nebraska,
~Miss SugarCookie

2017-05-07 About a Boy

There’s a lot going on.. always. You know there’s so much I have to say and so much going on in my head and I could go on about it for hours and hours, but today I think I should just focus on the main event. My son.

When it was my daughters birthday back in March, it’s so Zoey centric. She’s the center of the universe and makes sure people recognize that on her birthday. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, that’s just the way she is right now. But my son, Cooper, is just the opposite. He’s chill and mostly quiet and much of the time does not want to draw attention to himself. On this day though, May 7, he IS in the spotlight because of his birthday.

Being Sunday, we were already in maxing out relaxing mode and he was in his happy place playing a video game most of the day. Around lunch, he and I went on a Target run to exchange a gift he had gotten from one of his friends from his party last night and as an added bonus we stopped by the Starbucks to get him an iced Chai. Most of our festivities are not planned on his actual birthday so today was very low key.

Since he is so easy going, it’s a pretty common thing for him just to do his own thing and not be too concerned about everything else, so I kind of feel like I neglected that today by not making things more special. Tomorrow we are both staying home from work and school to spend the day together and I’ll have the opportunity to make up for that.

Besides being a really cool cat, he’s also smart, very funny, and caring. He loves to read books and is really into board games and nerf guns. He does OK in school and pretty well on tests but hates homework and probably would sooner stab himself in the hand with a pencil than do a writing assignment. That’s not an understatement. He hates writing. I think that’s OK though. We like what we like and we don’t like what we don’t like and the sooner we can figure that out in life, the better off we will be.

A few years ago, him and his sister were best buds. She was the leader and he the follower and all was right with the universe. In the last few years though, he has started to stand up for himself where she is concerned and not just be the follower. They actually fight a lot right now, and at times it can get unbearable, but I’m glad he’s holding his ground and though there is now conflict, it will teach him how to deal with strong, stubborn women. I’m sure that is a skill that will come in handy sometime later in life.

Anyway, the boy is amazing, and I’m fortunate to have him in my life. He’s my best boy, my english accent buddy, my booty-bump dance partner, and above all, the one and only Super Cooper. I love you bunches and bunches!!


2017-03-11 Conundrums and Chaos

Where to start now? Well.. at the present moment I’m sitting in Flagship Commons and have about an hour and fifteen minutes to kill before the hoard of 15 year old girls I’m hosting today comes back around. It’s a mall scavenger hunt. Apparently that’s a thing.

There is too much going on here. Is this a mall food court? Is it lounge? Is it a sports bar? There are too many people and the music is too loud and not to my liking and there is a faint smell of different kinds of food being prepared lingering in the air. It’s hard not to just stop and watch the people and let your mind wander. This is a test. Can I still write something meaningful that makes sense. I guess we shall see.

Earlier today I took the girls to a place called House of Conundrum which has a set of “escape rooms”. You basically get a problem to solve and an hour to figure out all the clues to solve the problem. It was super fun, but there were a couple parts that were frustrating and we lost time because of that. My daughter is a pretty smart cookie and she’s got some smart friends and I think they would have been just as successful without me there to help. We got stuck on a picture puzzle where we had to translate the pictures into letters. We also stalled out because we solved one of the puzzles and the lock we put the combo in would not open and we tried it multiple times. In the end, we missed a clue that was hidden. It was tough but fun. I think the girls liked it. I would definitely do it again.

It’s a little bit of chaos running Z and her friends around, but so much better now that they are older. I can relate to these girls. We can turn the music up in the car and everybody knows the words. At home they are all laughing and telling jokes and making up nicknames for each other and it’s so awesome to see my daughter so happy. She worries too much about how things are going to go. “What we will do and who will show up” were things she’s been worrying about for a couple of weeks now and I can completely understand that anxiety. I feel it too. I don’t know if it’s a thing that ever goes away. Is it genetic? Is it just us? Or is it everybody.

I will certainly take the voices talking over voices and three conversations going on at once and running around a little wild and crazy. I will embrace the late nights divulging secrets and sleeping in late. I will gladly be the house that people can always walk to and hang out at after school if they need to. These times roll so fast and I know that and I want them to be remembered as good times. The teenage chaos will always be welcome in the house of Miss SugarCookie. I want her to have positive memories instead of what I have which is really not a lot of memories at all. I hope it’s possible.

I’m running on 5.5 hours of sleep again and even with all the stimuli surrounding me my eyes are weary and the words on the screen are blurring. I’m going to quit for now and just people watch.

2017-03-07 For My Birthday Girl

Such a long full couple of days. So much I want to say. Too much.

I’m walking the treadmill at the gym right now and my mind is racing and my heart is swollen with feelings. I’m trying to walk off the meal I had for dinner because I ate entirely too much. We were celebrating my daughter’s birthday and went out. I guess that’s as good a place as any to start.

This girl… she’s my world. It’s all the beauty and hope and love a mom could ever ask for. She’s smart and creative and caring and really the most amazing person. She is a teenager, so of course it is trying at times, but that comes and goes. I’ve got a front row seat to watch the magic of her becoming an adult and it’s priceless. On her birthday, I want her to feel special and though I know she is spoiled, I want her to have everything her heart desires. When she asked if Dad could come to dinner with us, how could I possibly say anything but yes.

So Brian, my ex husband joined us for dinner and his girlfriend also met us there. Because Zoey is a teenager, there were lots of selfies. Pics with her and Dad and her and mom and her and mom and dad and her and dad and Jessie and her and mom and Cooper and her and Mom and Dad and Cooper. It was over the top. That was followed by a long description of her day, with lots of detail, including how all the kids in her 7th hour math class sang happy birthday to her. I thought it sounded really cool, but she said it was completely embarrassing. Go figure.

There was a little conversation among adults, but not much. I had not actually been in a situation where Jesse and I were in the same place for more than just a passing minute, so all I’ve ever really said to her is “hi”. It was a little awkward, but not too bad. THere’s probably lots more I could say about that and about my ex and our past and him finally being in a relationship as of last year at the same time mine was falling apart, but it isn’t really where I want to put my focus right now. It was a very Gwen Stefani “I Know We’re Cool” kind of event and I’m grateful so that my Z could get what she wanted on her day.

As I said, I also ate too much and needed to walk it out to help digestion, but I really need to get going back home so we can finish out the bday festivities. I do have much more I’d like to write about, but it is going to have to wait. I just wish I had a little more time.. for everything.

Happy Birthday Z – You’re the BEST!
Miss SugarCookie