2017-03-07 For My Birthday Girl

Such a long full couple of days. So much I want to say. Too much.

I’m walking the treadmill at the gym right now and my mind is racing and my heart is swollen with feelings. I’m trying to walk off the meal I had for dinner because I ate entirely too much. We were celebrating my daughter’s birthday and went out. I guess that’s as good a place as any to start.

This girl… she’s my world. It’s all the beauty and hope and love a mom could ever ask for. She’s smart and creative and caring and really the most amazing person. She is a teenager, so of course it is trying at times, but that comes and goes. I’ve got a front row seat to watch the magic of her becoming an adult and it’s priceless. On her birthday, I want her to feel special and though I know she is spoiled, I want her to have everything her heart desires. When she asked if Dad could come to dinner with us, how could I possibly say anything but yes.

So Brian, my ex husband joined us for dinner and his girlfriend also met us there. Because Zoey is a teenager, there were lots of selfies. Pics with her and Dad and her and mom and her and mom and dad and her and dad and Jessie and her and mom and Cooper and her and Mom and Dad and Cooper. It was over the top. That was followed by a long description of her day, with lots of detail, including how all the kids in her 7th hour math class sang happy birthday to her. I thought it sounded really cool, but she said it was completely embarrassing. Go figure.

There was a little conversation among adults, but not much. I had not actually been in a situation where Jesse and I were in the same place for more than just a passing minute, so all I’ve ever really said to her is “hi”. It was a little awkward, but not too bad. THere’s probably lots more I could say about that and about my ex and our past and him finally being in a relationship as of last year at the same time mine was falling apart, but it isn’t really where I want to put my focus right now. It was a very Gwen Stefani “I Know We’re Cool” kind of event and I’m grateful so that my Z could get what she wanted on her day.

As I said, I also ate too much and needed to walk it out to help digestion, but I really need to get going back home so we can finish out the bday festivities. I do have much more I’d like to write about, but it is going to have to wait. I just wish I had a little more time.. for everything.

Happy Birthday Z – You’re the BEST!
Miss SugarCookie

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