2018-08-26 Sunday Status Bday Style

Exercise.. Don’t care!

Healthy Eating.. Is for chumps.

Sleep.. There’s always tomorrow.

Work.. What’s that again? I can’t hear you. 🙉

School.. Let them eat cake! 🍰

Relationship status.. Cheers to that! 🥂

Yeah, it’s like that, but not without its thorns. Let me be clear.. Just because life is good, that doesn’t mean the struggles are nil. I still have to parent two teenagers who both melted down last night over a damn board game. Playing Catan and they both had 9 points and fistfuls of resources (I was behind by 1 with nada). There was screaming and swearing and you would have thought their lives were on the line. Then the game was over and C left in furious rage refusing to help pick up and Z melted down into a tearful pile. Apparently I’ve failed to teach them good sportsmanship. The worst part is that it wasn’t really about the game. It became a war of words where every mean thing one person had ever done to the other came out. Good grief.

I had to spend time with each one of them individually calming them down in the ways that work for them. For Z that means hugs and letting her cry and vent on my shoulder. For C that means a face to face where we talk it out with logic and reason. In the end, I brought them together to apologize and then we played a few games on our respective phones (nothing says togetherness like sitting in the same room staring down at your phone 😜).

Anyway, so that was the end of our day. The beginning was much better. We went to the pool and followed that up with our tradition.. Taco Johns 🌮 after swim time (nothing says love like potatoe oles dipped in nacho cheese sauce).

We did get one game of Tsuro of the Seas in, which I won. Thank goodness both of my kids were killed by dragons 🐉 instead of each other. The best part about that game is that it takes like 30 minutes tops unlike Catan which takes about 3 hours. My kids take endless amounts of time with their turns and it’s torture. I don’t think we’ll be playing that again for a long time. 🤷‍♀️

I love playing with the kids most of the time but I’m in serious need of a game night with adults. I’ve sort of fallen out of the group that I used to associate with that was into that sort of thing. A sacrifice of necessity. Mostly a time thing.

What of today then? Well, today I’m Bill Murray staring at the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man from the top of some metropolis waiting for the signal to cross the streams. Whatever happens next, I’m ready. After that the first round of Ectoplasm cocktails is on me.

On that note, it’s time for me to go write some poetry.

As always.. Thank you, Happy, More Please!

~Miss SugarCookie

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