2017-05-16 Relaxing to the Sound of Storms

It’s one of my favorite things. There is nothing like a spring thunderstorm in the midwest. They usually roll into an area with very little notice and most times, it looks and sounds like all hell is breaking loose. Then once the front passes, it can be hours of rain and low thunder. Tonight is one of those nights.

It put a damper on our dinner plans with the family, which was Coopers birthday dinner with Grandma and Grandpa rescheduled for the second time. We were about a block away from the restaurant when the sirens started to go off and Z looked on her app and warned there was a chance of high winds and hail. I did not want my car to take any hail damage, so I cancelled very last minute.

It’s OK though, since I’ve been up since like 3AM and battling with upset stomach and of course being exhausted from travel.

Now I’m nestled into my own bed, with my sleepy time tea and my alarm set for tomorrow at 7AM and really just enjoying the sound of the storm. The writing is actually kind of detracting from that relaxation so I’m going to call this one good and done.

Tomorrow I have a full day of work, but from home, so hopefully I can really rock and roll and wrap some things up.

Feels Good to Be Home,
~Miss SugarCookie

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