2017-09-16 Austin Day 3: A Well Balanced Life

Last night we had a very casual Friday evening with the kids. We talked and played and watched a movie and then after they went to bed Rebecca and I sat out on the deck and continued chatting over a bottle of wine. I kept mine to just a few glasses because I’m really intending to minimize the alcohol and caffeine to see if it has a positive affect on my headaches. I also want to cut out the use of common pain relievers, such as ibuprofen and acetaminophen.

In fact, about a week and a half ago I went cold turkey on all of it and made it about a week with no headache (past the initial caffeine withdrawal). Then over the weekend I had a fairly bad one and caved and had both coffee and an Excedrin. I did not bring any pain meds with me on this trip but unfortunately had another moderate headache the first night, probably because I was up so early and stayed up too late. I caved again and borrowed some tylenol. I also started my cycle early so that could have been a contributing factor.

The two glasses of wine I had last night didn’t seem to make me feel anything at all beyond another slight headache and I could easily do without it. I think once I am back home I will give the “giving-up” another go. Rebecca said that if I ever come down and am on any sort of dietary restrictions, she would be totally supportive. Just one of the many reasons why I love her.

This morning we got up and played a bit and then went to her daughters first soccer game. That’s when I realized it gets really hot and sweaty in Austin even mid-morning. I don’t think I could live here for that reason alone.

On the way home we grabbed an early lunch and proceeded to do even more playing. It has been so long since my kids were that age I forget how exhausting it is to be go-go-go all day long.

Morning has turned into afternoon now and we are all having quiet time in our respective spaces. The kids are engaging in “quiet play” and we are taking naps. Well, I will be taking a nap when I am done writing.

This evening we are going to uber out to a nice dinner somewhere, just the girls (adults only). That makes for a nice well balanced day. It does seem like the days and nights are all really good here and they do a nice job of balancing work and play. I always learn something when I visit and have positive things to take home with me. This time is no exception.

Time for a Nap!
~Miss SugarCookie

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