2017-10-10 Always More

I guess I don’t have much to say about today. I did go to the gym this AM and spent the whole time text communicating with different people so I didn’t really follow the same pattern of writing from the elliptical as I have been. There was also people on the mats and in the aerobics room almost the entire time I was there so I sort of fell short of my usual “set” routine.

It was cold and rainy this morning also which did not provide me with very much motivation to get out of bed. The temps dipped into the 30s over night I think and though I did not turn the heat on, I did have my electric blanket going. When I woke up this morning, the temp in the house had only dropped to about 64 which was surprising. Still, if Z had not been absolutely in tears the night before and needing some love (and wanting a ride to school in the morning), I probably would not have gotten out of bed.

As it were, I gave them both rides to school and then hit the gym after that, so it all worked out.

What else.. let’s see. I tried to make spiced apple pear butter from the abundance of pears I collected last weekend. Something with the recipe went wrong and it’s more like spiced apple pear cream soup. I might have to try it again just to see if I can fix what I did wrong. As it is now, I can probably pass it off as ice-cream topper. I haven’t tried it yet, but may in the morning once it has a night to “set” in the refrigerator.

I also helped Simon with some yard work today. Somehow the chill in the air did not seem to bother me as I was really digging and pulling to try and unearth some ferns and their deep root systems. It’s nice to be helping someone with something productive when they actually have a goal in mind.

I’ve got a few, but helping someone else out brings a whole other type of satisfaction. When I hit my own goals, it’s all just like me standing there looking in the mirror and saying “you go girl”. And then looking around me for someone to also be cheering me on. Not quite there yet I guess.

Simon and I have had a few goals together, but it’s mostly been around exercise. I’m certainly all about that, but I selfishly want more. Aways more. I want someone to share all sorts of stuff with. I’ve spent so much time waiting for that and I’m afraid it has not left me with a ton of patience. That’s sort of ironic because a couple of weeks ago we were chatting and I asked him why he liked me and one of the first things he said was my patience. Oh my, what am I in for now?

Still, it’s easy to slip into a routine of normal without looking too far ahead. Right now, I am just enjoying every interaction. Dinner last week and the concert were great, but nights and days we have just hung out and listened to music and talked have been so lovely. We’ve watched a few movies here and there but it’s the cooking in the kitchen together and the making tea and sitting in the grass or going for a bike ride that have been my favorites. Anything that feels like normal life, but somehow extraordinary is so, so great.

I want more of that too. Always more. 😃

More Later.. Maybe.
~Miss SugarCookie

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