2017-10-25 History Repeats

It seems like I always have a song lyric in my head for what I’m thinking or feeling. Today it is DMB “So Much To Say”. The name of this one says it all. And just as I started typing this I thought, “This feels very familiar”. Indeed it is.

Rewind to January 26th and the title of the post is “So Much To Say, So Much To Say”. Same song of course, but even stranger than that, same shit going on. For real. I skimmed the post and found that I had a lot going on (always), and social media was eating at me (common), and it was the night before a job interview (super rare) What?!

In January it was an interview for a job at a hospital here in town which came to me via a friend and former co-worker. I was not looking for a job at that time, but very much dissatisfied with some circumstances at my then employer. I did not take the job and still feel confident that was the right decision at the time despite the continued decline of the state of things at the job I had.

This time it happened in a very round about way from wheels I set in motion weeks ago. I had originally intended that September was going to be the month I decided what I wanted to do and October would be dedicated to pursuing that. It hasn’t gone so according to plan. I spent most of September continuing to do everything BUT figure out what I wanted to do next, right up to the very minute I decided to apply for the MFA program.

Even after that, I didn’t put much thought to what I wanted to do, but I did start networking some. I met with former co-workers and mentors and started talking to new connections. Talking to all these people has given me some ideas about what I could do, but nothing exactly has jumped out at me as THE thing. Some folks even had contradictory opinions, so then I’m left with more questions instead of answers.

One of the meetings I had three weeks ago was with a former boss who got me connected to a recruiter. About a week ago I met with the lead person on that recruiting team and had a really open and honest conversation about my history, and my last employer, and what I am looking for (which if you are following along, I have not exactly nailed down yet).

I’ve ruled a few things out and I know what my prerequisites are and that conversation brought me just a little closer. Then today I spoke to her again over the phone and they want to bring me in to talk with other folks from management there about a position they have a need to fill. Okie dokie. What what?!

She was pretty vague about what they are wanting but spun it as a business analyst. Someone “smart with the ability to work with the team to manage the project and communicate things back up to management”. Not an exact quote of course, because I was sort of taken off guard with the whole conversation. I hope I am remembering what she said correctly because it will probably be important in the conversations I have tomorrow. I’m meeting with the president of the company. What what what?!

So I just had a mini freak-out moment about this thing going down tomorrow and feel quite underprepared. When I had that interview in January, I didn’t do anything to prepare. That job was a replica of a job I did for 17 years, so going in, there was probably nothing they could have asked technically or professionally that would have thrown me. I owned that interview. This is different. I don’t know the project or the industry and will be relying solely on my relevant experience to answer questions. The truth is, I have no idea what they might even ask.

Will I get the standard interview questions? Do I know how to answer what my strengths and weaknesses are? Do I have examples of tough situations I have been in before and how to navigate them? What do I prefer, team or individual work? Will I get very specific questions about this job or my expectations for the role or perhaps something my brain can’t even think up right now? I’m not sure on any of it so do I just need to prepare for all of it?

They know I’m not a veteran at this process. Anyone can tell by looking at my resume. My hope is that it’s less like “stump the chump” and more like “let’s talk about what we can accomplish together”. I’ve ranted about culture before, so on my side of the table, that’s what the questions will be about. This is another area I should probably fine tune and be ready to discuss. That’s not super awesome because it’s now past midnight and I need to sleep and the meeting is at 10AM. What what what what?!

I guess I will sleep on it and become brilliant at interviewing while I dream. Perhaps history will repeat again tomorrow and I’ll ace this one too.

G’night all,
~Miss SugarCookie

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