2017-11-12 Sunday Status Update.. The Extended Version

Well, it’s Sunday again. Time to start getting ready for the work week…

Uhhh, so time to start getting ready for doing whatever the hell I want…

Uhhh, well, what I mean is that it’s time to start getring ready to look for a job. Right??!

Ugh.. ick! No. I refuse. 😜

How about a good ole Sunday Status update instead?…

Exercise.. My steps and classes obviously took a dive while I was on vacation. However since returning, I’ve averaged 20k steps a day and have done 4 classes. I’m back on it!

Sleep.. I’m averaging about 7 hours a night. That’s pretty significant given the travel and time change and, above all, the fact that I haven’t taken any sleep aids for quite some time now. I’d still like to get 8 solid hours, but really that comes down to my choosing when to go to bed. If I go to bed at 10PM, I think it would be no problem. I just have a difficult time doing that.

Eating.. I balanced out my vacation between eating good and eating poorly and now that I’m back I’ve been mostly good. Except tonight when Josh invited me to Dragon Cafe where I always indulge in the fried foods. I had a sampler platter of deliciousness and it felt so good to eat so bad. I’m feeling kind of gross about it now (but just a little). Tomorrow is Monday, so that will be a good time to start fresh again.

Relationship status.. Confusing.

Job status.. Still unemployed. I mean, “between jobs”.

Current book I’m reading.. “Madness, Rack, and Honey”.

Currently listening to.. Jason Mraz, the “Live at Java Joe’s” Album from 2001

Current weather forecast.. It will be “winter warm” all week with highs in the 50’s and so there is a great chance more digging and planting of bulbs will happen.

Currently wearing.. My dinosaur tee-shirt from the 2016 Barcamp.

Currently located.. In my bed, in my bedroom, in my house, in Nebraska.

Currently feeling.. Full, happy, sleepy, hopeful, and content.

Rolling With Life,<
Miss SugarCookie

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