2017-11-18 The Trick is in Knowing What You Want

It’s the start of the day. I just woke up at 9AM and that feels pretty good. I almost hit 8 hours of sleep and that feels pretty good too. My kids are still sleeping and the house is very quiet. What I have before me is an entire Saturday with no plans or obligations. That feels just fantastic.

It’s too chill this morning to get that last set of bulbs in the ground and I don’t really feel like getting up or getting dressed yet anyway. I have a million things I could do in the house and I’m not quite sure what will emerge as the winner. Some of those things have been on my list for weeks. That darn procrastination. 😉

I really don’t have much more to contribute or comment on at the moment. I’m sitting in my bed staring at the painting my mom gifted me a few weeks ago that I’ve failed to hang up on the wall and it’s a daily reminder that hanging some new pics that I have acquired in the last month or so is one of the things on my list. I’m not going to do that yet though because the sound of pounding nails will wake the kids and I really want them to sleep.

Maybe when they wake up we’ll all get bundled to go have coffee somewhere (in their case, Chai and Hot Chocolate). Maybe I’ll go to Jazzercise. Maybe I’ll get my act together to start decorating for Christmas. I guess this day can be anything I want.. and, just like life, I have to know what that is.

Happy Saturday,
~Miss SugarCookie


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