2017-12-05 The Tuesday Transition

The kids are at their dad’s house and I’m waking up to an empty house, which always feels weird no matter how often I have to go through this transition. I always tell myself it’s going to be good because I can sleep in, but then Tuesday comes and I’m awake around the usual 6:30 with no ability or desire to try and fall back asleep. I always tell myself it’s going to be good when they are graduated and off on their own life path, but I think I’m in denial about that too. I like our morning routine even though it’s quite trying at times. I like having them here, laughing and complaining and filling the house with activity. I’ve only got a few more years.. I really need to make the most I can of it.

One part of our normal morning routine is dropping them off at school. It’s a reason for me to get up and get dressed and by the time 7:45 AM rolls around, I’m energized and ready to get out the door. I typically dress for the gym so I can go there right after, and in recent weeks it has worked out great. I start my day with 10K steps and a writing session from the elliptical. I would guess that at least half of the blog posts in the last three weeks were written at the gym. That’s maximizing my time for sure!

Without that motivation to get the kids up and going though, I find myself not getting dressed as quick and not really feeling like jumping in the car to go anywhere. And this morning it’s cold outside, so that makes it even harder.

Yup, it’s just me in my big, beautiful house wth only my pretty kitty, Kayla, and no where to be and no one to be accountable to. It’s kind of a bummer.

I’m going to try and get motivated to go to my new job, which is looking for a job, but that doesn’t exactly sound appealing either. My original goal for December was to contact or communicate with three people/businesses a day about potential employment but I truly did not start that until yesterday. I put in three job applications and sent email out to two people.

One was a guy I met last week at 1 million cups who is developing a health care product/system which prevents falls in hospitals and the other was one of the founders of a healthcare contracting/consulting company out in California. I actually have a meeting with the latter today at 3PM.

Anyway.. I’ve got to get up and start something. I’m not sure what that will be yet, but if I don’t start, I won’t ever get to the middle or the end.

Happy Tuesday,
~Miss SugarCookie


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