2017-12-07 Let Me Eat Cake

This morning I’m back in my happy place on “my” elliptical machine staring out at an almost completely empty gym. All the working people are probably already on their way to or at work. All the Non working people are probably not up yet. 😜 The exception to that seems to be people who are retired and.. well.. me.

I think my problem last night was caused by the number crunching. In light of the job situation change soon, I wanted to be absolutely certIn what kind of income I require. I had previously gone through July, August, and September expenses compiling all the data but for some reason I stopped there.

I went through October which was an interesting month to look at because for the most part I had completely reined my sending in, but then I went to Hawaii which threw in a pretty massive fluctuation. This anomaly was split between October and November so for one month it did not seem too harsh. Even still, the bottom line was staring at me and I realized I have to factor in spending for travel as a part of my lifestyle. It truly is a part of my lifestyle I don’t want to sacrifice.

Once I had my target monthly figure the real number crunching began. The questions?.. How much do I have to work, hourly, and at what rate to hit the target?

Something came up this week which I was not previously familiar with. This was the possibility that my income might end up being 1099 instead of W2. This means that I have to not only factor in possibly paying for my own healthcare but also Social Security and Medicare tax. This is roughly another 15% that needs to be accounted for. Damn.

Contract employees typically get paid more for this reason (or they should). I’m glad this came to light before I enter into any negotiations. I’m also glad I did this extra crunching because now I have actual figures in mind.

Of course I’m still asking the universe to let me have my cake and eat it too. I want to work less and get paid more. Ideally I want to work an average of 30 hours a week but still make enough to hit my monthly target. Oh.. and I also want the frosting which is to be working on something I want to be working on with smart, cool people.

Ok universe, do your thing!

Today I’m not only looking forward to having a job interview but also getting my ducks lined up to enroll in school. Two more hoops to jump and I’ll be set.

Depending on how all that goes I may or may not have time to put my HVAC hat on. We’ll see.

Bring on the Cake,

~Miss SugarCookie


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