2017-12-10 Like Plants Vs. Zombies – It’s About Time

A couple years ago Plants Vs. Zombies 2 came out and it was the long awaited, quite overdue sequel to the first game. That first game was something I had never played.

The truth is, I don’t play many video games and am not really into that sort of thing. I have a long history of having and sticking with my favorites.

Here’s the rundown…

In Jr. High we got an Atari 2600. It was mostly for my bro who amassed like 60 games from that time through the duration of us attending high school. I tried every game, but really only seriously played a few.

Joust – Which was fun and challenging and immensely easier than the arcade version (at the lower levels). I have a funny story about that game, but it’s too long so I’ll save it for another time.

Raiders of the Lost at Arc. This was one of the only “quest” games with a story that had a beginning and an end that we had. Once you solved it, there was no point in doing it again. Sometimes we would do it again just to see how fast we could solve it.

And my all time favorite Atari game.. Qberts Cubes. This was a spin off of the much more well known Qbert game which I actually hated. I was a rockstar at Qberts Cubes. I would sail through the lowest levels with ease and by the time I got to the harder stages, my brain was in sync with the muscle memory of every pattern and move I just kicked ass. I got in the zone on this game like other people memorized playing pac-man. It was most excellent. It was also the only game I could beat my brother at, so that probably boosted my motivation some. There’s another story about competition between us but that will have to wait too.

That was it for Atari. After high school my bro went away to college and I lost interest. I didn’t really get in on the inception of the Nintendo or Super Nintendo systems but I did end up investing in their Gameboy. I still have my first gen, black and white screen device that came with “Tetris” and it still works!

I had about half a dozen games but the only one that I played regularly was “Super Mario”. This, like “Raiders” was somewhat of a story. There were still levels and it was repetitive but there were boss fights and and a definite end to the game. I beat it too many times to count. Why it was still appealing after the first time, I don’t understand, but it was.

That phase of my life was still quite juvinile. Once I moved back to Omaha and got a “real” job, I dropped games completely. Then I went back to school to get my bachelors and then I had my babies and, well, time became a precious commodity. No more games.

Many, many years later when school was done, my kids were more independent, and I’d successfully navigated my divorce, I was re-introduced to hand held games in the form of apps on my IPod.

It was Rich who not only bought me my first IPod but also got me into Words with Friends and a puzzle game called Drop7. Other games came and were deleted quickly, but Drop7 had that “it” factor that kept me coming back for more.

When I started dating Matt, we went through a Candy Crush phase and that’s when I dropped Drop7. After that came and went, I didn’t find anything else that could capture my interest for a while. It was during those five years that Plants Vs. Zombies 2 came out, and though I was all about being on the green side, helping Dave re-find the perfect taco while thwarting the attacks of the relentless Zombies, I did not get very far before the levels just stressed me out. I didn’t like the speed-up and time constraint and if there is one thing I did not need of more of in my life, it was stress. I quickly let that one go.

This brings me both to the present day and my current game. Unlike all the others, I found this one on my own. I was at Starbucks and they had a free “app of the week” promo. One week it was this game called “Two Dots”. I downloaded it and have been hooked ever since.

Actually.. I don’t need to elaborate on this any further because I’ve already done that. My post from August 24th of this year gets down into the weeds a bit on it.


I’m currently on level 1140. There is no end to the levels or the game. It does not really get more difficult either, but the puzzles and challenges change all the time as they add different mechanics to the game. Maybe that’s the perfect combination for me. It’s easy enough to be enjoyable but challenging enough that my brain never gets bored. If only real life were like that.

My intention today was to go there.. to real life and finally hash through my current relationship woes. I’ve been putting it off for weeks now. However, now I’ve spent too much time reminiscing about video games and I need to get started with my day. I’ve got lots of stories to share, past and present, but there never seems to be enough time. Just like Plants Vs. Zombies.. It’s about time.

There’s Always Time for Tacos,
~Miss SugarCookie


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