2018-01-17 Happy Blog-aversary

We’re over half way into January now and well past what my typical “reflection” time is for the previous year. I did a little, over December that spilled into January and recognize how far I’ve come in just one year, but there is one key thing that should not be dismissed easily and bears mentioning.

I briefly included this in my last “Sunday Status Update” for the year which happened to be on January 7th, but only so far as statistics go. What I am referring to is this blog and how it was a major contributing factor in my journey to live a healthier, more fulfilling life. It was my declaration from the start and not once have I gone back to edit that statement of purpose that appears at the top of every page.

Since the day I started, it has been, and continues to be a vital part of my journey. Writing for this blog every day has helped me see things more clearly. It has help me articulate what I am thinking. It has provided me daily practice in sharpening my craft and opened my eyes so that I can be witness to and report on the world around me, however small that is. It’s also helped me in some intangible ways that are difficult to describe.

Some day’s I feel as though I am talking to a dear friend and others I feel like I might be talking to a therapist. Some days I’m in the mood to rant about the world, and that’s OK, because this is my space to do that. I’ve carved out a little corner of the world and claimed it as my own. Some day’s I’m hopeful for the future and some days are just down-right miserable and no matter what nonsense or earth shattering revelations I decide to write about, it’s really just for me and I have no expectations higher than the satisfaction I get from writing and contributing to the collective consciousness of the world.

The day I started happened to be January 15, 2017. That first post is timestamped as January 16, because by default “Wordpress” was using the wrong time zone for my part of the world. At that time I really had no idea how often I would write or if I would even have enough to say. I never imagined then, how the story would unfold.

I missed the anniversary date of the inaugural post by a few days.. that’s a bummer. I like to celebrate anniversaries. I like to acknowledge the passing of time and look back and see the distance that has been travelled. It brings me comfort to see it and makes me excited for the future. A year ago, I never knew what things might be possible and so much has changed in this past year that I realize now that ANYTHING is possible.

So happy first blog-aversary to me and to anyone who tunes in to read my musings. Thanks for being a part of the story. Here’s to another great year to come!

~Miss SugarCookie

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