2018-01-17 The Return of Bird Girl and Other Morning Musings

Today when I walked into the gym I immediately noticed the girl running on the second to last treadmill in the back row of treadmills. She’s hard not to notice.

Today she’s not wearying the bright red top that flows back and forth methodically from every end as she keeps Time on her machine. No. Instead she’s wearing a skirt that looks like it’s supposed to be a slip that goes under some knee length dress. It’s sort of a nude/pink color and, like the shirt from the other day, it flows and bounces back and forth when she runs. This is paired with a cami style shirt with spaghetti straps. It also looks like underclothing and As far as I can tell, there’s no sports bra underneath. I’m not really close enough to tell though.

Yeah, that’s her. And she’s here first to claim her machine. Today her hair is in a French braid and it looks longer than it did last time. Actually, I’m noticing a lot more of her features today than I did last time and I think that’s because I’m not spending my observational moments thinking about the possible dynamics between her and the man in black. He’s not here yet.

Good for her not conforming to the stereotype of typical gym wear. People shouldn’t have to be made to feel they have to dress a certain way to go to a gym and workout. Most do, because that’s what society dictates. I’ll admit I do too. I’ve got four or five workout pants and about twice as many tops that I cycle through.

As I’ve tried to thin my closet in the last few year, I’ve shed a lot of shirts and tops but most were casual wear and if there’s anything I’ve acquired more of it’s “workout” clothing. The only thing that’s trumped my purchases of exercise “things” is dresses. I have a serious weakness for cute dresses.

I employ a very effective minimalistic rule when it comes to buying new clothes. If I really want something.. a sweater or shirt or shoes, I have to choose two like items to give up and give away. That means, that if I really want that new dress, I have to select two dresses from my closet and put them in the Goodwill pile. This has really worked for me and what I’ve been left with are a small amount of clothes that I really love. A person doesn’t need a lot, they just need several key items that are functional for whatever function one might be attending.

I used to have a lot of business and business casual things, and that is mostly gone now. I’ve kept a few key things for job interviews and funerals, but most of the dress pants and blouses I had once are long gone. A few of my favorites are still hanging out in my “spare” closet, so I still have leeway to follow my rule if I find something I decide I can’t live without. I have a harder time, again, parting with dresses.

I’m somewhat attached to every dress in my closet for one reason or another and would have a really tough time choosing two to get rid of if I happen to find a new one I want to buy. It’s really a good thing I don’t like shopping for clothes. (infact I actually loathe it.)

My only sadness about my collection of dresses comes when I see them all hanging in my closet and I’ve got no place to go to show them off. Maybe I should steal a page out of bird-girl’s playbook and start wearing them to the gym. 😜 Now THAT would be a spectacle.

She’s left her perch now and was gone before the man in black arrived so I missed the opportunity to see him have to make a choice about which treadmill to run on today.

I’ve got some other thoughts about a video I watched last evening on Linked-In, but I’m going to split that off into its own post. Nobody shares a post with Bird-Girl!

~Miss SugarCookie

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