2018-01-22 What If There Was an Impeachment Committee

I jinxed myself. I was so stoked about the sleep I’ve been getting lately I went and ran my mouth about it. My reward? A restless night tossing and turning, drifting in and out of consciousness without knowing if the constant tippity-tap of sleet on my roof was real or a dream.

I had positive confirmation at 6AM when the phone rang with an automated message that school has been cancelled. The weather was real. It’s the third time since the semester started after Christmas break was over. It seems like they get more and more cautious about this sort of thing all the time.

Today the temperature is going to hover around freezing so there’s really no way to predict if the precipitation will accumulate to anything, ice over, or just create a mushy mess. To be on the safe side, they make the call.

I only wish we could apply the same rule to government. I wish we had some designated committee to convene in the dark of the night to determine our president is posing a clear and present threat to our safety and well being. How sweet would it be to wake up to an automated message on your phone letting you know he’s been removed from office?

The system is sort of supposed to work like that… in a very basic sense. That’s what impeachment is for. But the process is so involved and convoluted and corrupt, that the very people who pose a threat hold the keys to blocking any attempt.

Whatever though. In both cases, it doesn’t really affect me (unless there’s a nuclear war of course). Im still going to the gym, im still going to work, I’m still going to read and write and be able to provide for my family.

Canceling school and waking me from a shitty night’s sleep just means I get an early jump in the day. I went to the grocery store at 6:30am to get supplies for the week and was rolling on my elliptical machine before 8am. I just hope when I’m done here the roads are still good.

Already Ahead of Schedule,

~Miss SugarCookie

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