2018-01-25 There are Rules?

Yesterday I finished a third section in the AWS Cloud Guru courses for taking the solution architect associate exam. I’m still only 20% of the way through the the material. I took the practice test and missed 2 questions out of 21 and subsequently retook the test so I could get 100%. Cuz that’s how I roll.

Creating the static website from the lab a few days ago was by far the coolest thing in the section. After that I decided to buy a domain so I could take that next step and figure out how to transfer a domain to AWS so it could be 100% hosted on my own space in the cloud. Cuz that’s how I roll.

Trying to figure out DNS and records and domain custody, I felt confused about how to actually pull the trigger o. the transfer. I get the records and pointers but seemed to be missing the lightbulb above my head that would make it make sense.

I read all the AWS help content. I googled for answers to questions and read people’s responses in chat forums. I then turned to the help files of my current dns provider, Hover. I did the four steps for transferring ownership to another provider and still, something was missing.

What I wanted was a button that says “transfer” that would open a window and let me put in the info of what I wanted to transfer and where. It doesn’t exist. I didn’t even get an email confirmation that I had unlocked the name and opened it up for transfer. WTH?

I resorted to ‘chat’ with a support person from Hover. She enlightened me.. there’s a “worldwide rule” that any domain freshly acquired requires a 60 day waiting period for transfer. There are rules? Who knew?!

“So”, I responded, “I bought this domain for nothing?”.

She said she could reverse the purchase and refund my money. Excellent!! Now that completely ridiculous domain name is up for grabs again. I’m not going to disclose what it was because I intend to buy it inside of AWS to continue my studies.

At this point, that topic and my desire to understand at a deeper level is something I don’t need for my job. I can’t justify logging hours for all that ridiculousness yesterday to my new employer. Given that, I only worked 2.5 hours yesterday. Not enough.

Those are just rules too. I’ve never really been a rule breaker. I’ve tried but it’s not in my nature. That’s just how I roll I guess.

What I can log hours for is self study on EC2 and Lambda. EC2 is a huge topic and “big in the exams”. I’m just going to dive in and see if I can add some more prices to the puzzle.

Yesterday’s post was all about poetry and today I’m on the polar opposite end of that continuum with all this tech stuff. The irony of that is not lost on me. I should write a poem about it. Ha!

I don’t write the rules I just roll.

Enjoy the Sunshine! ☀️

~Miss SugarCookie


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