2018-03-05 Just a Little “I Told You So”

“Wait a day”. That’s what I think I said. In truth it could be almost any amount of time. A day, a week, a few hours, a year. Change is inevitable.

I woke up this morning to severe overcast and rain. And it’s not that warm spring rain that makes the emerging crocus and daffodils happy. It’s that strange winter rain that puts a chill in the deepest parts of your body. Ugh! just hope it’s not foreshadowing for the Monday I’m about to have.

I probably was not as productive this past weekend as I would have liked to be. This week my Z turns 16 and there’s a little denial going on. Yesterday we went shopping for her and I got a few ideas about what I could do for her. It’s a tight budget year so I need to be smart about it.

Thankfully she didn’t find a piece of furniture she really liked. We ended up at Lowe’s because we are going to build something together. It will be a ton cheaper and also give me some good quality time which is becoming more and more rare by the minute. Change is inevitable.

So today is gym (now), followed by work and lunch with my friend Vis. Later it will be more work, maybe Jazzercise, dinner with the kids, and then more work again (tonight I’m facilitating the team meeting for the first time). It’s not likely I’ll be able to fit in any “Bachelor” or reading through feedback from my mentor which came through yesterday even though it wasn’t expected until Tuesday.

Wednesday is not only the big one-six, but also when mid-term assessments are due. I think I’d like to just dedicate several hours today or tonorrow to reading feedback and doing that task, but it really depends on making sure my work stuff is all caugt up and nothing is “on fire”.

Nothing is ever really on fire but even the smallest thing seems to get lots of attention. Between yesterday and today I now have several additional things that are queued up which weren’t there Saturday. Change is inevitable.

So that’s the story on the weather today. And for the love of all the cheese and crackers in the Universe, they really are predicting snow next. Absolutely disgusting!!

Holding On for Spring,

~Miss SugarCookie

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