2018-03-10 We All Have A Set List

If there was such a thing as a regular Saturday routine, I’m off it today. It’s mid-afternoon and I just made it to the gym. I’m in the hot-box and it’s so hot I feel like my skin is going to catch fire. Normally this dry heat sauna is my Jam but maybe I’m not as cold blooded as I used to be.


And then I ran into Josh and there went another hour of my life. Sometimes our conversations are philosophical and engaging and I come away with new ideas and perhaps even something different I want to look more into and try. Other times it’s like this…

Him: I still love melee.

Me: /smile and nod (🙄)

Him: I need to figure out this diet thing.

Me: /smile and nod (🙄)

Him: Moving away is the answer to my job situation.

Me: /smile and nod (🙄)

Him: Code Red is my motivation. (Talking about another girl at the gym he’s had his eye on for 3 years and only ever said 2 words to).

Me: 🙄🤷‍♀️

I never know which Josh I’m going to get. Today it was all of the latter stuff. And he cycled through each one. I thought my blog was a broken record. 😜

The kids are away this afternoon with their dad and I should probably put some time into schoolwork. Tonight I’m going with a friend to “wine night” which is once a month at her friends house out west. It’s always a toss up whether I go or not. It always sounds like a good idea, and then the day arrives and I just don’t feel like it. I think it’s the anxiety from being around strangers coupled with the fact that they always have so much food and my willpower is not strong. I have nothing to say, so I just stand there and eat and eat and then feel terrible about myself after.

Still, I want to try and be social. How else am I going to meet new awesome, interesting people??! And Leah is awesome too. She’s the friend that got me into Jazzercise in 2016 when I really needed something to focus all my bottled up emotion on.

I’m going to cut this here and go walk the treadmill and read instead. I may have to leave the gym though as there’s a dude here now who is notorious for being so loud and obnoxious it’s disturbing. This gym is not small, but if he is here, his presence is known.

There’s my broken record for the day. Unlike an unexpected encounter with Josh, you at least have the choice to “listen” or not.

Right round baby,

~Miss SugarCookie


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