2018-04-06 Having Nothing to Say is OK Too

It’s April 6 and I woke up to snow coming down and all my daffodils sad bent over kissing the white dusted ground. This is NOT what spring is supposed to like.

I also have nothing to talk about but the weather. That’s not how this is supposed to be, but just like the snow, I have to be OK with it.

I guess having nothing to say at all is better than having a laundry list of shit topics contributing to a life so hard won. Perhaps I’ll revisit April 6 of 2016 or 2017 to remind myself of the alternative to having nothing to say.

Maybe I just need a little more caffeine to kick my brain into gear. I don’t even have motivation to do my morning workout. Meh.

I’m going to break one of my self-imposed rules and leave this here before signing off…

That’s worth like a thousand words right?

Needing Coffee and Sunshine, ☀️☕️🌼

~Miss SugarCookie

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