2018-06-20 Miss SugarCookie Reporting Live from the South Coast

Most of life is fluff you know. It’s all long pauses made up of eating and sleeping and working and not much else (for the average person anyway). Getting through those days and nights happy and healthy is the slow roll that leads to the crest in the waves where the magic happens.

Right now I’m on an elliptical machine on the Southern most point in the United States in Key West and sort of in disbelief. How is this even possible? I keep telling myself not to question it and just ride the wave. Most of the time I’m recording a record stuck on repeat and now I find myself in the middle of some real substance.

At the same time, finding myself somewhat disconnected from reality and the everyday leaves me open to pontification on topics I don’t visit very often. I’m open and ready to receive inspiration from any angle. At this moment it just happens to be the National crisis of the day. At this little resort exercise facility there’s a TV running CNN. Gross.

I’m not a CNN hater and I’m not a Fox News hater. I’m a media hater. Most news is polarized and either they are motivated by attempts to get viewers with shock value or driven to push some political agenda/viewpoint. It’s disgusting. Today it’s “news” coverage of the immigration crisis. Children being separated from their parents.

I’m not going to have an opinion on this because I’m in no position to judge the actions of the immagrents or the people trying to manage the situation. Is it necessary? Perhaps. Does it seem wrong? Yes. Are there better alternatives? Probably. But it’s a long chain of command and most people are just doing their best with what they are being told to do from the person who writes their paycheck.

It just makes me grateful that I was born in a country that is not being torn apart by conflict and riddled with poverty. I don’t have to risk leaving my home with my children to try and find a safer place. I can’t even imagine what that’s like. I will never know what it feels like to be separated from my children and not knowing what tomorrow will bring. I just can’t.

From my vantage point all I see is CNN reporting a story that’s directly bashing Fox News coverage of the “crisis”. Is that the story? Is THAT news? I don’t think so. It’s just their own version of day after day life eating and sleeping and work. Today it’s immigration and tomorrow it will be back to gun control or North Korea or the Royals announcing another baby or some other flavor of the day. It’s really all just fluff.

The Universe forbid any real crisis. I mean, the immigration issues are a crisis for those people, but for most Americans watching the coverage it might just as well be another reality TV show. That’s it.

For me, it’s a reminder how fantastic my life has been and to cherish every day and live life to its fullest. Right now that means getting off this machine and going out to seize the day!

Time to Hit it and Git it!

~Miss SugarCookie

One response to “2018-06-20 Miss SugarCookie Reporting Live from the South Coast”

  1. pretty sad how the immigration issue isn’t a mere reality show/escape from reality for the mothers and children and families that have been torn apart.


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