2018-08-12 Sweet and Salty Sunday Status

You know that whole salted caramel fad? Yeah.. it’s like that. Incidentally that’s a taste combo I never quite liked. In candy at least. When I was a kid one of my favorite things ever was eating lays bbq potato chips and drinking doctor pepper. That was a sweet and salty treat combo for sure, but not in the same bite. Salted caramel is just .. emm, icky. So I guess for clarification, this Sunday Status is all BBQ and Dr. Pepper and not really like salted caramel at all. Ok, glad that’s all cleared up. 😜

First I’ll take on the BBQ bites…

Sleep.. Down this week to 7 hours and 12 minutes average. Still above the target of 7 hours so that’s bueno. ✅

Exercise.. Steps Up this week and back over the target of 15k per day. I hit 16.4 average steps per day and that was thanks mostly to some longer sets in the AM at the gym. I also took advantage of a free week of Jazzercise, even if I only had time to do one class. It was a good class but also a nice reminder that I just don’t really have the time to fit in enough classes to make it worth the money it costs.

Health/Healthy Eating.. No changes here, that I can detect without specific tracking. I’m not restricting myself in any way other than trying to eat reasonable portions. I haven’t cut caffeine yet and I’m still not feeling any different from the new hormones.

Ok, now for the sweet sweet sips of Dr. Pepper…

Work.. After all that blah blah about not wanting to work full time I actually put in 38 hours this week (but I still got summer hours 😉). 💰💰💰Money in the bank baby.

Relationship Status.. Full time here too. Simply Anazing. 💕💗😊💗💕

School.. Full time and Approaching panic mode. 😱 First big assignment of the semester is due in 9 days and all I’ve really done is write poems. I mean, that’s a big part of it, but the reading and critical essays are always the challenge for me. My goal by the end of the day today is to have my first creative submission done and be moving in to choosing topics for the first 3 essays. We’ll see.

That last one is not super sweet but I’m hoping to turn that around this week. The kids go back to school this week so there will be less fighting over the internet. Today we are going shopping for school supplies and making sure we’re organized. One of my specialties. Somehow my daughter got these skills from me and my son got his fathers disorganization and not give a crap about it attitude. Oh well. I can only help so much and I’ve sort of gained acceptance of that fact.

I think that’s enough junk food for one Sunday. Time to go walk it off.


~Miss SugarCookie


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