2018-09-17 A Day Late and More than a Dollar Short

I took the liberty on Sunday to lay around the house all freaking day and not do a damn thing. It was glorious. Jim and I binge-watched our show, Colony, and ran out of episodes. I needed the weekend to decompress from my vacation and all the thoughts raging in my head about .. everything.

Jim and I talked a little about the future and nothing too intense except for the potential timing of events. His basement flooded last week and so this week there are people coming to measure for carpet replacement. He’s going to take the opportunity to replace carpet in a few other areas where the last People in the house apparently let the pets make a mess. Ewwww. That’s all a prerequisite for the thing that will be the biggest change for us – moving in. I’ve been nervous thinking about it and trying not to freak out.

I’ve lived on my own with my kids for 8 years. I’ve bought two houses and moved twice. I’ve lived as the head of household for about 25 years, and always been responsible for the lion’s share of tasks that accompany home ownership. I’ve also had autonomy making decisions and have come to think of my home as my sanctuary. I’m hoping I can feel the same way in a new space and giving up some independence too. These should not be tough problems to solve.

Oh yeah.. I distracted myself and my mind wandered off in that direction. It stands to reason that the thing weighing the most in my mind would be what comes out when I start to write. I actually intended to do a “Sunday Status Update” – hence the title, “A Day Late…”.

I feel like being off the grid for a week has thrown me out of whack and hoping checking my stats will help bring me back. Though I’m sure they (the stats) won’t be that good.

Sleep.. Surprise, surprise – my sleep was actually above goal last week – 7 hours and 33 minutes average per night. That’s awesome! Last night sucked, so this week will be an uphill battle to make that up, but I’m gonna give it some extra attention and make it happen.

Exercise.. (bouncing up and down in a pool at a resort doesn’t count). 9415 average steps per day, which I guess is not terrible, but I need to get back on this too. I’ve been slipping on my morning elliptical, not able to do the long stretches I was previously doing. Low energy.

Healthy Eating.. Oh goodness, if ever there was a broken record, this would be it. I swear I have the best intentions and then I make terrible choices. I swore when I came back from Mexico I was going to eat clean for the rest of the month. Then I had a fantastic weekend with Jim which included drinking wine on both Saturday and Sunday, among other indulgences. Now the month is half over. I can start today. 2 weeks no alchohol and maybe no dairy and no gluten? Too much?? Perhaps. Probably. Yeah, I guess we will see.

OK.. what else? School.. on hold for the moment. Work.. just trying to figure out how to navigate coming back from vacation. My heart is definitely not in it. Relationship status.. still engaged. 😉

Gotta wrap up now and get on with my day. Feels good to be starting the week refreshed and ready to go. How did I end up “more than a dollar short”? Well it’s a simple equation – more going out than coming in. Time to go make up the difference. $$$

Cheers to Good Starts,
~Miss SugarCookie


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