2018-10-03 Killer Day

Talk about the perfect storm yesterday. PMS, high pressure job interview, production issues. I was in the eye of that mess almost all day yesterday and by the time it was almost over I had such a killer headache, I felt like I’d been rolled over by a Mack Truck. I simply could not wind-down to sleep my headache away, I medicated myself into sleep with Xanax and Excedrin. It was a good reminder of a time in my life when I had lots of days like that. No thank you.

Today is a brand new day. I woke up feeling great. The pressure is off on this new contract business for now and I started my period so there’s internal pressure off there too. Sure, now I’ve got cramps, but that’s far easier to deal with than the swell of hormones that sometimes makes me crazy.

I remember my mom talking about PMS when I was younger. She said that lots of people didn’t believe it was a real thing. I can only imagine those “people” were mostly men. If anyone were to challenge me today on the “real ness” of PMS, I would simply explain to them (after apologizing for punching them in the face), that swells of hormones can affect the brain in ways similar to any mood altering drug might. I can’t explain the science or connection between different receptors and elements inside the body, but it might be worth it to research a little more. I’d be interested what Wiki says about it. Hmmm. 🤔

The interview yesterday? I killed it! I haven’t talked to my boss yet but he was listening in and spoke to the hiring director after and he messaged me saying they “loved” me. Those are pretty strong words. The contract is for a .5 FTE for 12 months (or the duration of the project). I recognized even before hearing that for real that if I took this on, my other projects would have to be minimiluzed. Right now that’s not an issue because of the lull. My worry would be when things ramp up.

If I had to guess how this will play out, we’ll get this contract and that will ramp up quickly at the end of October. My work on my original contract will continue to consume 15 hours a week on average, my second contract will continue to average about 5. That right there adds up to full time. Anything more than 30 has been a problem so now I’m in a pinch. Doh!! 😮

There’s also an internal project which takes a nominal amount of effort and the other two projects that are on-hold are going to have to go. It should not be my problem to solve. If the agreement with the company is that I’ll work 30 a week, then it’s really up to them what makes the most sense, Where they need me most. That’s why I went ahead with the interview.

I did also tell my boss last week that if it went through, it would be my last big contract. We talked through the eventual ramp down of hours and nothing was set in stone, but he understands what my priorities are. I’ve got such a short time left with the kids at home and now have a life partner to consider, not to mention school. I’ll be moving next spring and planning a wedding. That’s a lot going on and I’m not going to short change myself with working too much.

Since yesterday was such a killer day at work, I’m taking it easy today. I’m back to my morning cardio routine after missing out yesterday. Then I’m meeting Jim and his business partner for lunch and then after that I’ve got a meeting with my financial advisor. I’ll be back home when the kids get out of school. Perfect!!

Oh, I also got the response for my second big assignment/packet of the semester from my mentor yesterday and am excited to dig into that too. That’s a lot of great stuff going on. As long as days like yesterday are few and far between, I can take it. It just can’t be the norm. Without further ado, it’s time to get to enjoying this glorious day.

We Be Jammin’,

~Miss SugarCookie

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One response to “2018-10-03 Killer Day”

  1. Truly, PMS is the scariest thing. Hormones are so crazy and can make me feel like a whole different person! I know a few woman who barley experience PMS symptoms and I’m convinced they aren’t really human.

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