2018-12-07 It’s Party Time

I woke up in Nebraska today any it was great!! Last night was the start of my company holiday “retreat”. Everyone flew to California yesterday and the start of the party was last night. Wait.. what?

I woke up in my own bed and didn’t have to go to Cali because I already had commitments here at home and so I had to miss this one. It’s interesting that normally I would have jumped at the chance to head to nicer weather when everything here is covered in snow because it hasn’t gotten much above freezing in a week. But this time I was glad to skip it.

For one thing, avoiding flying is great.. especially if I would have to take 2 flights there and back in just a matter of a day or so. I mean, when you spend more time on the “getting there” part than actually being there, that stinks. Secondly, I was so over the San Fran Bay Area years ago. I’ve probably traveled there over half a dozen times and find it overrated. Perhaps if the retreat was Austin where my peeps are, that would be a different story. (Or Denver, or San Diego for that matter).

Instead, I’m enjoying my normal morning routine and looking forward to helping Jim with lady minute prep for a party at his house. He’s hosting his work holiday gathering. We’ve pretty much got everything set except the things you can only do the day of.

I’m seriously low on work hours this week, but not super worried about that. Things seem to be slowing down because of the holidays already and it makes me think that everyone is overworked and needs a break. The kids are over the semester, the teachers are equally ready for a break and the fast pace of life catches up to everyone eventually. I’m not trying to make excuses for my low productivity this week, but I am a big advocate of balance.

I worked 40 hours last week and last time I checked, that’s not part time. It was good, and the paycheck is great since I’m hourly, but having a low week this week feels like my answer to the balance equation. I have to focus my attention on other important things. Like my friends and family and children and fiancé. Not to mention myself. I’m going to enjoy this party today and this weekend with my sweetie.

We have a slate board in the kitchen where we put random quotes (in chalk). We change them up every couple of weeks and I’ve taken over finding the last few. Yesterday I changed it to this quote from Harley Davidson (probably more of a slogan than a quote since Harley Davidson is not a person)..

“When writing the story of your life, don’t let anyone else hold the pen.”


Here’s my addition to that..

Just keep writing! 😉


~Miss SugarCookie

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