2018-12-09 Sleepy Sunday Status

Last night I had to catch up on sleep which was missed the night before because we ended up out till nearly 2AM. The party we had was at our house, however, things wound down here about midnight and everybody took Uber’s to the bar. I can’t remember the last time I was out that late. That must mean I’m old. 😜

The other tell tale sign of being old is needing a whole day to recover after a wild Friday night. And it wasn’t really even that wild. It was also the first time on record I actually refused a shot. I think it was about 11:30 and the late crew decided it would be a good time to do tequila shots. I took one wiff and passed it on to the next person (as I was holding back the urge to hurl just a tiny bit). I haven’t been able to stomach tequila since my 21st birthday. Yikes!!

Anyway, FitBit only recorded about 6 hours of sleep on Friday and I think part of that was me being awake Saturday morning and not being able to move. I was once so still in a 2.5 hour movie that FitBit recorded that I took a nap.

This week I fell just shy of my goal to get 7 hours a night and that’s ok. It was a great week. Last night I had 7 hours and 40 minutes, trying to catch up I guess.

We won’t talk about healthy eating this week except for the fact that my new model seems to be becoming “I’m gonna start next week”. 😉 Ha! December is tough as there’s just so much goodness to be had. Lots of treats and cups of cheer.

As far as exercise is concerned, I only had about 11.8K steps a day however I did pull the trigger on signing up for Jazzercise again as they had their “best deal of the year” advertised which was 40% off the normal price. It’s only available for non-members which I qualify for since I cancelled last June. I was only able to make it to 1 class this week, but hope to pick back up more in coming weeks.

There are two catches on this right now. The first is that I don’t yet live near the location I signed up at, so it will be another month until I’m close to that. The second is that I’ve developed an injury called tennis elbow that’s going to prevent me from doing any free-weights for a bit of time. How long, I’m not sure.

Between both of those things, this month might still be a low activity month, but I’m hopeful that if I can recover, I can really hit the ground running in January.

As far as work is concerned, I still haven’t tallied my hours yet this week but i think it’s going to be low. I’m also on a break from school and so I won’t have much to say about that for several months. That being said, I’m hoping to continue to use what tine I have reading and writing, catching up on all the things I wanted to do last term but didn’t have time.

Of course things are still great with Jim. The focus is completely on celebrating Christmas and the move next month. Now that the office party is over and done, I’m very much looking forward to continuing my quest to clean and pack and organize and get rid off STUFF!

Well.. that’s it for this week. Sunday is rolling (And I think I’m awake now)- time to Jam!


~Miss SugarCookie


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