2018-12-16 Cyber Sunday Status

The economy is certainly doing ok now. I went shopping for Christmas yesterday and didn’t find much… the things I was going after were not at the store anymore. I’m going to learn a lesson from that and just get things when I find them and not wait until the last minute. (That’s me trying to change my procrastination spots – still, and now that I’ve said it, I’m also trying to avoid being a huge hypocrite).

That being said, I’m logging on today to try and find some last minute goods and crossing my fingers things can still be shipped before Xmas. We’ll see.

Before doing that though, it’s time to do my weekly accounting. You know, how much did I sleep, eat, drink, work, exercise, and pack.

I’m happy to report my sleep is back on track at over 7 hours average per night. I told Jim when we are together this week my goal is to be to bed by 10 and for both of us that means we have to eat earlier. That’s the typical problem. We get busy doing stuff and going places and then eat late which leads to staying up late.

I *feel* like I did better with eating healthy this week but not currently tracking that so hard tosay definitively that I did better this week than last. I’m also abstaining from weighing myself in the month of December for my mental health and so I have even less to go on.

As far as exercise is concerned, I didn’t do any classes and I’m currently struggling with an elbow injury. Maybe tennis elbow according to Jim but that preventing me from lifting and has actually started to be problematic with other regular life tasks, like carrying g things and grabbing and holding things. No bueno!! I still got 11.6k steps per day.. not quite on par with my goal of 15K but not terrible either.

I think I worked about 30 hours but I haven’t officially added that up yet.

The semester is well in the rear view now but I did finally get my last set of feedback from my mentor and went through that. I should be getting the schedule for winter residency soon and plan to attend that on a casual basis.

Of course things are going great with Jim and we’re both super excited about spending Christmas together next week and talking through logistics of the move next month. I haven’t made as much progress this week on packing as I was hoping to, but not too bothered by that in light of the fact that I’ve checked a lot of other things off my list.

I think that’s everything for this week. It’s time for me to go enjoy the rest of my Sunday and get the rest of those gifts ordered!!

Fingers crossed!! 🤞

~Miss SugarCookie


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