2019-02-21 Answering the Question – How Did We Get Here

Ohhhh… so that title might be a touch misleading. Someone may misinterpret that to mean this post is going to be some deep existential dive into the meaning of life and how all this came to be. Or perhaps a more scientific, biological explanation about evolution or perhaps the origin of man from a more spiritual perspective. Nope, not what was intended, but as long as you are here you might as well keep reading about how we got from Monday to Thursday in the blink of an eye without using some fancy time-space portal.

Actually scratch that.. unless I can actually answer the question, then what is the point? I mean, I can step through Mundane Monday nonsense, Tiresome Tuesday chores, Whopping Wednesday Triumphs but that really will not go a long way in explaining “how”. That’s all just fluff anyway. Really. The how of it is really just the passing of time which seems to have been compressed because of the amount of fluff that was packed inside of it.

It might seem like I am making excuses for flaking out on some commitments this week, but I assure you that is not the case. However, I did have to cancel/reschedule a lunch today because of so much happening at once. Let’s see…

Due to the snow yesterday I had service calls at my house today to do work on both the electrical and the plumbing. Incidentally they are fixing things that I either did not know was wrong with my house, or that never came up on MY home inspection when I bought the place, or that I knew was wrong but did not care. For example – the toilet in my basement running constantly. I basically shut the water off to it and we just never used it. /Shrug

Anyway, rewind a bit to the fact that I dropped my kids off at 8 at school and then had to spend half an hour on my driveway just to park in my garage. Of course the melting of snow and re-freeze overnight had made things a sheet of ice and I nearly lost it about 10 times in the process of clearing the snow. This included the sidewalk which was a serious hazard and then I decided to scramble to get to Lowes and back with some ice-melt because I was afraid someone coming to the house really would lose it and then I would have to deal with that. Not something you want to do on top of selling a house. I made it back in record time and had all that taken care of before either company showed up.

So there I am trying to work in my kitchen and I have no wifi because like a genius, it is the one service I have shut off already thinking I would not need it. As a person who works on software “stuff” for a living, there is actually not a lot that one can do “offline”, but I managed. I also had to do a conference call at 10:30 from just my phone which went OK – as I had saved my talking points to a text file before I left the house this morning (the other house). /Rolling eyes

I ended up having a 2nd meeting at 12pm and a 3rd meeting at 1pm. Funny story (not really) is that the impromptu internal meeting at 12 was to prep for the meeting at 1 with a customer and I had a major deliverable due today for that. So it was a meeting to prep for a meeting and then 1 o’clock rolls around and the customer is busy so my boss just sent him the update via Slack. I don’t mind really since I get paid for it anyway. My deliverable was something I have been working on for a couple of days and I spent a very minimal amount of time on it and then woke up at 5AM this morning determined to have something of value to show for my time and effort.

Actually, I could not finish and present my big “deliverable” without wifi so I had to leave the plumber at the house and go to the Panera where the internet roams free. And there I stayed until about 2:45 pm when my eyes began to go blurry. I still had a long afternoon and evening ahead so I decided to try and sleep for 45 minutes. Despite my house being mostly empty, my bedroom is still mostly intact for staging and it is still my house for another month so I can sleep there if I want to. That reminds me of a song “It’s my house and I will sleep if I want to, sleep if I want to” (oh you are probably too young to remember that one – it was really more about parties and crying anyway).

I slept for 45 minutes until I had to be back at the school to pick up my son. Then, not having enough time to drive home-home (to the other home) and back again to get Z after her after school activity, we hung out at the Dunkin and I worked some more. I have an endless amount of stuff to do now and both projects are picking up speed.

At 5:45 I picked my Z up and the three of us headed home (home-home). Then I cooked dinner and then we ate dinner and then I went straight to my office to join my weekly Thursday writers group session. That is where I am now, using the time to blog instead of write poetry today just because .. because that is what needed to be done.
I’ve barely had time to take a breath today and so accounting for all my time, since it truly went by in a blink does make me feel better. It will also make me feel better to cross a few more things off of my weekly to-do list. I’ll add shoveling snow to the bottom of the list just so I can cross that off too. That is what list makers do you know.

Probably the title of this blog post should have been “Why I bailed on Lunch with R” (sorry again 😞 ) but then that would not have been as saucy right? Maybe it would. Who the hell knows. It’s too late and I am too tired to tackle the real question of “how” we got here. I’ll save that for another day.

These writing group sessions are 25 to 30 minutes each with breaks in between to chat. We are in session 2 and I’m done blogging for now so it’s time to go write some poetry. And just like that (blink) it will be Friday.

Until Then,
~Miss SugarCookie

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