2019-02-24 Sunday Lazy Sunday

Yesterday went by like lightning. Lightning in a freaking snowstorm that is. Some of the icicles on the house are now like 4 or 5 feet long. Wild!

All in all it was a pretty productive day yesterday and the only day of the week I actually hit my step goal. It seems the thing that I’m sacrificing most with my new schedule is exercise. That’s a shame.

For the first time in weeks I got my quota for work hours and that’s thanks mostly to work I had to do for the “other” project. The one that’s not my priority. Oh well. That speaks volumes about my primary contract. Of course I came to the conclusion somewhere in the week that i really would like to “stay on” doing work on the AWS projects and just quit the other stuff altogether, but that’s not a path that is navigated easily.

How on earth do you say to your employer, “hey, you know that project you gave me? I don’t like it and don’t wanna do it anymore.” The answer is that you don’t. It’s all or nothing. I’m afraid I have my cake and I’m eating it too and I can’t very well just push the plate away and continue eating off of it. /sigh

There is no truer test of one’s desire and motivation to do their job than someone coming and offering the idea that they can quit and still maintain everything else in there life, no sacrificing lifestyle, financial security, or pursuit of other fulfilling activities. The proof is in the pudding and it’s been laid out before me like a nice thanksgiving spread. What is one to do with that? I think I need a trip to Austin to consult my Advisory Council. The AAC has never steered me wrong before. 😜

On one hand, it’s too bad they are in Austin and I have to book a trip to get there just to get QT with my people in person. On the other hand Austin sounds amazing right now since Nebraska has had such a precipitation filled winter. A little Austin sunshine and heat (yeah, even 50s qualifies as heat right now) would do a world of good for me right now.

The next question would be when? The next two weeks the focus is going to be the successful execution of my darling daughter, Z’s, 17th birthday party. It will mostly be a repeat of last years plan with the exception that the overnight will be at our new house. After that whirlwind birthday weekend comes the move and close on the house sale. And a few short weeks after that will be the next big SugarCookie adventure (which I just materialized two days ago and I haven’t mentioned it yet). Needless to say, squeezing in a trip to Austin will be just that.. a super squeeze play. Perhaps tomorrow I will sit with the calendar a little bit and try to puzzle it out.

Where was I at again? Oh yeah.. Sunday.

As far as stats go I fell short this week on just about everything, except work. Boo. It’s not even worth it to record really and I’ve been thinking that that activity might be something I will do monthly instead of weekly. I did look a little more at that screen time app/feature on the iPhone because it notifies me once a week about my screen time being up or down a certain percentage for the week. It’s interesting but I am not sure it’s something worth keeping track of.

I mean, if I were just looking to decrease the amount of time I spend on things categorized as entertainment or social networking that might be something, but as it is now, I don’t spend much time on those anyway. In the last week I spent about 4.5 hours on activities in those categories. It also looks like it only keeps track of the last 7 days and so that’s weak sauce. I’m sure they are persisting the data somewhere and in my opinion they should present averages for longer periods of time. Perhaps it does and I just have not seen it yet since I’ve only had the feature turned on for a couple of weeks.

All things considered I don’t think I did enough this week to deserve this lazy Sunday but at the very least I will make sure and get my steps in. Beyond that, I feel tired and am not really up for even attempting to be more productive. The weather outside is still cold and the icicles hanging off the gutter are growing longer by the hour. I might just go sit by the window and watch them as the sun goes down on this day. How’s that for lazy.


~Miss SugarCookie


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