2019-02-26 Tuesday Traffic Report – The DNA Edition

I’m about 1 month into this new routine and all I gotta say is that I must really love Jim to give up my beautiful house and move to a location where I have to drive in crazy traffic across town to get my kids to school. At this point I’ve figured out all the best routes and what to watch out for in order to take alternate avenues when things look sketch.

AND a person must REALLY love their other person to commute from Lincoln. Just sayn’. 😜

This weather does not help of course. There must have been some sequence of events that made it so clearing the roads was tough and all that snow and ice has now been driven over and packed down. There’s not a lot of bare pavement out there and the neighborhoods are still a hazard. School was closed again yesterday and so today is their “Monday”. I’m gonna follow suit and forget about yesterday and also treat this day as the start of a new week.

I woke up feeling great (after about 7.5 hours of sleep) and for some reason I did not have the same sense of “pressure” to be productive as I did yesterday. I still don’t. I’m at my gym on my beloved elliptical machine and my heart is pumping and it feels great. The plan for today is to get some solid “me” time in the books and not worry too much about the dreaded project. I also have a list of items I’ve committed to completing for the “other” project this week and so that’s my secondary focus for today. Between those things, I’m in a much better mood.

The dry sauna at my gym is closed which is a shame. I do love my time in the box. It’s how I typically start my time at the gym. Instead, I went right to my machine and am now about 25 minutes into a good sesh.

In other news, I checked my email accounts today as I do most days when I wake up. I say accounts because I’ve got like 5 accounts I have to keep tabs on. One of those is my personal account. One is my work account for my employer and then there’s my account for the dreaded project which uses the customer’s email and the other project which is for a different company of course. The 5th is my school email for my MFA program which I’m not active in this term but check it about once a week anyway. I have to stay up on all of them really and it’s just a good habit to check first thing to ensure nothing needs my immediate attention. Though I would hope that if something was on fire I would get more than an email about it.

All this is inconsequential to my point which is that I had a lovely little nugget waiting for me in my personal email this morning. My DNA report came back from “23 and Me” and I only had a hot minute to look at the overview before heading out the door (I sent a screenshot to Jim first).

Doing the dna thing has been on my list for a while now and it was a gift from Jim for Christmas. At a quick glance the results aren’t too surprising. I knew my paternal heritage was mostly British/UK and that maternally there’s a heavy dose of German. Of course my parents and their parents didn’t really know the full story and people like to make generalizations.

For example, my paternal grandmother was from England and my dad was actually born in the UK (thanks WWII) and with the genealogy my grandfather did tracing his lineage back to Great Britain we all assumed my dad was almost all British which would make me half. I’m really only 37.8% British/Irish. (They apparently don’t split the two).

Interestingly enough, I’m almost as much German/French as I am British.. 31.4. And about 11% Polish which is also presumably from my moms side since Poland is geographically close to Germany. I think the report breaks things down further on both sides but, as I said, I only took a quick glance at it before I had to jet.

I’ll probably take some time this afternoon to dive more into it, provided I have time to spare. In any case, this will most certainly not be the last blog post about it.

What else is on the agenda? Well, I’m going to run a few errands while I’m on this end of town and then treat myself to a pedicure which I have not had since like November I think. It’s part of my “me” time day today and very much in line with my attempting a DGAF attitude on this bright Tuesday. There is not an above 32 degree day in the 10 day forecast ahead so the ice on those roads is not going anywhere. If we can’t have it it above freezing then at least give us the sun! ☀️

On that note 🎵.. it’s time for me to Jam On.


~Miss SugarCookie

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