2019-03-14 Go Time

Well .. folks.. something in my gut tells me that today is the day I’ll be pulling the trigger on initiating the tough conversation with my bosses that has been building for quite some time. I really wasn’t planning on it until next week but the timing and other factors have aligned and it feels like it could go down this afternoon.

Of course to try and plan the timing and orchestrate the right moment is fools play. Life will always be unpredictable. I might think that the one on one tech review meeting I have with one of my bosses this afternoon will end with him asking me the questions “how are you doing? How are you feeling about things?”. I predict that because that’s almost always how he ends these sessions. It opens the door for me to initiate the conversation I need to have with him.

However, I need my other boss present to hear what I have to say AND sometimes these meetings do get cut short with one of the two of us having another commitment immediately following. At the very least I can defer him and request that we schedule a time when all three of us can be available. The unpredictable part is that could be “right now” and it could be later in the afternoon or evening. I don’t foresee them asking to schedule tomorrow or later, that’s not how they roll. Fortunately I’m available all day and open to meet anytime, and even tomorrow or over the weekend if that did come to pass.

Anyway, that’s how I think things will unfold and I’m ready with my “statement”. With these sorts of things it probably comes as no surprise that I have compose a document that is word-for-word what I want to say. Having that eases my mind that I choose all the right words in the right order and don’t leave anything out. I knew I was having this tech review today which caused me to be awake at midnight thinking about it. That’s when I took my notes and formulated what I want to say. It wasn’t until after that that my mind was at ease enough to go back to sleep (which also required half a Xanax).

Now it’s just past 9 and I have to get rolling with my workday soon. It really is a full set of meetings and all things considered I should have no problem getting 5 or 6 hours in today. I’ll have to be ok with sacrificing some of my morning cardio today, but these sacrifices feel temporary now. Well, as long as I don’t chicken out!

Wish me Luck! 🐓🐓🐓

~Miss SugarCookie


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