2019-03-21 Downhill Slide + 10 Random Things

We’re finally on the downhill slide to the weekend and I know I do a better job of planning to get some rest and relaxation than actually doing it, but it feels like this weekend might actually be the first “low key, no commitment” one that I have had in a while. Now if only I could prevent myself from making a to-do list or feeling guilty for NOT being as productive as I could be.

Yesterday was a doozie and now that all that is over, I feel that a weight of stress has been lifted off me. I still have the same deadlines I had yesterday but there’s just something about being more than half over with the week and having the bulk of the weekly meetings behind me that is just a relief. By now all the conversations about my cutting back to part time have been had and we are targeting mid-May for my roll-off of my big project. That was fast and is also probably part of the reason I’m feeling better today. Having that solid finish line in sight is a great feeling. Now I can turn my attention back to the other important things in my life.. the kids, Jim, school, etc. It just feels right.

Years from now I know I’ll did the right thing. I can’t see a future where I’ll ever regret putting myself and my family first.

That’s how it should be and what I have to absolutely remember going forward is to really think about future “offers” before saying ‘yes’ and committing my time. I didn’t really think about the implications before accepting this last project and frankly didn’t understand the contracting world. In my head I was just still working an hourly job and missed the fine print about what the expectations were. They were more than I anticipated and that was part of the problem.

Now I have to live with the fact that people are disappointed in me and also probably a little put-off by my “quitting”. I have to deal with that and staying with the company is tougher because I still work with some of the people who harbor those feelings. I’m sure my worry about that will soften over time, but it’s still too fresh.

That’s enough about that. I’m going to finish this one off today with 10 quick random things in my mind (potential future topics perhaps)…

1. My darling Z is on a field trip to South Dakota today to do a college visit/tour. My baby’s getting ready to fly.

2. The basement has water in it and we’re tearing out brand-new carpet pad this week. The flooding in the area is bonkers.

3. I had a dream about Josh last night.

4. I submitted some poems to a contest. A rare thing indeed.

5. I’m now apparently enrolled in Spanish 1 at the high school because my Son is failing and I have to learn along with him to help him through it.

6. I’m going to Spain in April!

7. I haven’t slept past 5:30am Amy day yet this week.

8. It’s going to be almost 60 degrees out today and I want to go play outside.

9. I haven’t had coffee all week.

10. Our birds (zebra finches) are tending new eggs in the nest they built 6 weeks ago.

That’s it for today. Time to go make this one count!


~Miss SugarCookie


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