2019-09-20 The Friday Night PVP Edition

It’s pretty late on a Friday afternoon and I have a small window to collect some thoughts from the last couple days and I’m sort of not in the mood to write a long sentence song of woe from my drama and it’s actually a nice balance of good and bad so that doesn’t really fit anyway and I mean this already is too long of a run-on-sentence of a paragraph so it feels like a list and go kind of a day. How about a pvp list?

1. migraine versus imitrex. Imitrex wins.

2. Getting my next packet for school done versus a good night sleep. Packet wins with bonus points for getting done two days early.

3. Getting my ex to pay me the money he owes me for healthcare expenses versus figuring out I’m going to end up at the courthouse. Courthouse wins.

4. Doing a good job at all the parenting this whole week versus getting to spend more qt with my fiancé. Parenting wins.

5. Yardwork versus housework. It’s a tie.

6. Work work versus painting the craft room. Work work wins.

7. Reading versus writing. Writing wins. Reading has already demanded a rematch for this weekend.

8. Cats versus dogs. Cats win 3 to Zero.

9. Runza versus Panera. Panera wins.

10. Quitting caffeine versus stopping water intake 3+ hours before bed. Liquid abstinence wins.

11. Having plans to go out and do something on a Friday night versus hosting a house full of teenagers. Teenagers win.

12. First Draft Friday versus TV time with my sweetie. Bout has not concluded yet but my money is on couch time.

That’s bout enough for now. 😜

Perhaps the result of that last match will be posted tomorrow. But probably not.

Fighting the good fight almost every day,

~Miss SugarCookie


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