2020-02-09 Back to Reality Part Two

I’m finally.. FINALLY getting back into things that I should be doing instead of dwelling on all the festivities last weekend. It’s hard to believe that one short week ago we were last minute grocery shopping and gathering all the boxes and flowers up for decorating.


Those were the two sentences I wrote yesterday, obviously with high hopes to write more. But the whole back to reality thing means that I’m jumping from one big thing to another. In this case it’s a very welcome vacation for just my husband and I.

Did you catch that? I wrote “Husband.”


It’s true! I’m a married woman now. One week ago today we made that official and let me tell you, the days to follow brought several mini freak-outs but not a single one of them had to do with marriage or being married. If anything, it was a relief to finally embrace the confidence I’ve had growing inside of me for quite some time.

I was so jazzed that one of my mad scrambles on Monday involved driving to the courthouse to get the marriage license filed and get those certified copies. I just wanted that paper in my hot little hand. I had to run my finger over the raised seal pressed into the paper. I’m also itching to get that whole name change thing started. I am, however, holding off on that for a quick minute because of our pending travel plans. Tickets and reservations are all in my previous name so I don’t want to cause any confusion. Otherwise I’d already be embracing being a SAS. 😜

Here are the actual mini freak-outs in order of appearance…

1. Missing cat, presumed to have gotten outside and lost forever.

2. The need for pictures. Seriously felt like I was having a panic attack over not having pictures from the weekend. Like if there was no proof, it didn’t happen.

3. The aforementioned need to file the paperwork at the courthouse downtown.

4. The need to collect all the artifacts and arrange them in a scrapbook. I lied when I told people I didn’t have any more copies of the invitation. I did, but it was one I was saving for that scrap book.

5. The need to rearrange all the flowers we had at the ceremony into vases in the kitchen. Some flowers last a long time and it seemed like a waste to just leave them in a bin in the corner of a room. It is sad to see them start to droop and wither – roses are the first to go but I’ve got carnations I bought the week of the wedding for the house and they are still going!! There may even be some that last till we get back from vacation. We’ll see.

6. Finally, yesterday, the dilemmas about packing for said trip. I think I packed more than I ever have for any trip, even my 2 week solo trip to the UK. It’s ridiculous!

I think that’s it. If I could just chill out, that would be great. I know myself too well though. I know all day today I’m going to be getting more and more anxious about flying. It’s a good thing it’s happening like before the sun comes up tomorrow so that my day-of freak out will not be so bad. I’ve already had too many thoughts of the plane crashing and me being “Cast Away” in the Pacific ocean. My Stupid brain is so dumb.

Anyway.. next time I’m checking in it will probably be either while I’m en-route to my long awaited honeymoon destination or from the little resort we are staying at.

It’s gonna be great to just relax and go on some awesome adventures and see some really cool stuff. Not to mention some straight up, much needed one on one snuggle time with my husband.

There!! I said it again!! ‼️❤️‼️

Ok party people.. I think that’s it for this Sunday. Be kind to each other.


~Miss SugarCookie

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