2020-06-05 Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely

But does it have to? I DONT TALK POLITICS. Don’t ask me to talk politics. If I’m in the room and the subject comes up, I get angry. I have anger that rises in me from some festering fissure deep inside. Why do I hate politics so?

It doesn’t matter what side you are on. It doesn’t matter what the context of the conversation is. I get twitchy and feel like I just have to keep my mouth shut or else the releasing of the beast will get me in trouble.

This next tangent is related, but you gotta get through it to understand my point..

A few days ago one of my newer co-workers, just a kid really, tells me he “hates” this other new guy on the team. In my head I’m like “whoa son”. Hate is a strong word. I’m not trying to minimize someone’s feelings but hate is extreme and powerful. I build my life and my communication skills on understanding the meaning of words, their gravity, their history, and their range. To me “hate” is not a word to be used lightly.

But, you know, I guess this is just my opinion. Or is it? Look at the world today and America and all the violence fueled by anger and hate.

Say, “you know, I don’t like that guy very much and when he does xyz it bothers me”. It’s passive sure, but it lets people know you truly mean the person no harm. That you just disagree with them in some way. See the difference.

But at 19 years old. Maybe there’s not been enough exposure to a wide range of experiences to define different levels of emotions. You love something, you hate something else. It’s all black and white and no soft middle.

Live another 25 years and the range of possibilities grows. It’s like starting out with a box of 8 crayons and through experience, graduation to a box of 64 (with a crayon sharpener in the back of the box). All the shades of blue and green and orange. Learn about burnt sienna and then let’s talk.

So I said to my co worker. “That’s a bummer. Let’s give him (the guy he “hates”) a little time to figure out the team and how best to integrate with the flow of the project.” I had to push down my instincts to give life advise. It’s not my place.

All this to get to the point where I say “I HATE President Trump”. Hate, hate, hate. I’m so angry I can’t stand myself. I’m so disappointed in America it makes me sick. And I’m not playing sides. I think I might hate Biden too. The jury is still out on that one.

I happen to have been on Facebook and Twitter quite a bit this week, keeping tabs on numbers for the new lit mag which is being advertised primarily through social media and word-of-mouth at this point.

In my newsfeed are advertisements against Trump from different camps and on one of them there was a button that said sign the petition now. petition for what I wondered? So I clicked a button to see where that would go. It basically says we have until midnight to voice our opinions about Donald Trump. And it was a Joe Biden hook. Probably just some program collecting information about names addresses phone numbers emails so that they can spam me with advertisements in the future.

What’s the deadline? What can we do? The answer is nothing. That’s a trap. I’m at “thumbs down” now, but inching toward worse feelings.

I’m sick that as an American citizen, these are my choices. I know about 25 people who would make better candidates. Real leaders with fantastic leadership qualities. People I trust. People who don’t just fire someone who doesn’t agree with them.

What power. any of you guys remember that Trump reality TV show where he brought in entrepreneurs and at the end of each episode he fired someone? He’s still on that reality TV show wielding that power firing people on a whim just because he doesn’t like what they said that day or did yesterday. He’s so corrupt and not intelligent in the way that he needs to be intelligent to run the country.

And as bad as that is, the part that feels way worse to me is that so many American people think that he’s just amazing. That blows my mind.

In the last presidential election I voted early because I was going to be out of town on Election Day. I was in Texas with my Austin peeps and even then, I felt like I was watching a reality tv show gone horribly wrong.

For the record, I didn’t care for Hillary either but she was the lesser of two evils in my mind.

It makes me wonder if anyone who gets to that level can get to that level without being corrupt. Is that saying true? Absolute power corrupts absolutely.


I said I don’t talk politics. I don’t like to. But I needed to get this out. There’s no answer. That’s a shitty place to be.

That’s it for today. I’ve got jobs to do.

At least it’s Friday,
~Miss SugarCookie

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