2020-07-21 Strategic Planning

I’m giving myself 30 minutes today to walk. Then I’m gonna get into the thick of it. I’m gonna be heads down getting stuff done. I have to stop procrastinating all the things. More specifically, holding up my end of the bargain on my lit mag project (think, paperwork to make our lit mag more legit and some SEO research). I’m on the hook for some social media posts too and it’s so easy to do but makes me twitchy. I just hate social media.

Also in the mix today is invites for my DD’s (darling daughter’s) graduation. We’re having a small gathering at the house this Sunday but have also wanted to send general announcements. Yeah, it’s way late. But better late than never. And in about 3 weeks she’s moving into the dorms for college and then it really will be too late! I gotta do this!!

Then there’s the promise I made to myself to submit more poetry. I get so lost in the mire of all the options and have a hard time pulling the trigger. I also have trouble with simultaneous submissions. My brand new idea is to make a goal to send out every poem in my thesis. Where to send them is the crux of the problem. I also had a thought about submitting to a chapbook contest. That would mean more work into what fits that bill. Lately I’ve not been motivated to do anything that takes any real effort at all. I blame Covid.

What else. Oh it’s Tuesday again so that means trash and toilets and towels and tacos (not at the same time of course 🤪). And it’s the day my writing group is supposed to meet. I’d really like to catch up with that crew. Perhaps celebrate Tre’s graduation a little bit! 🎉🎉 Yeah, that!!

All that is really ambitious. Life is give and take, you know. So as I think about all the things I’d like to get done today or this week I have to also recognize what can wait. Last week during residency I had all kinds of brief bursts of inspiration about the lecture that I will have to give in December. Today I’m getting on my tip-toes and putting that on the top shelf, out of sight (and hopefully out of mind).

The strategic approach I’m taking is to set a deadline for some of my short term goals and then giving myself a pass on everything else. I’m going to pick up the lecture and reading and all things MFA in September when the kids are back in school (pretty please, let that be normal). Yeah, I’m officially spinning procrastination as strategy. 😜

I’m also still simmering with the idea of quitting my job. It’s still on my mind, but I’m in a holding pattern waiting for some sign or validation or final straw. Just taking my time with my feelings on that.

Anyhow.. that’s my plan. And with that, my 30 minutes is up and I’ve got to cut and run.

Peace and Love,
~Miss SugarCookie

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