2020-09-24 Could it Really Be?…

The End of Days. Have we finally tipped-toed (or trampled) too far into territory we can’t escape from?

Humans and their appetite for self destruction. Their inherent self-centered nature. Their insatiable need for more. We’re they destined for this end from the start of their days?

I say “they” and “their” when what I really mean is “we” and “our”. There is no escaping the fact that we are all in this together. But what is “this?”

As far as I’m aware no one alive predicted the vortex of doom that 2020 has become but humans have been spinning prophecy about the end times for a very long time.

These stories, rooted in religious beliefs and more recently dystopian fiction, have some strange appeal that makes them interesting commentaries on the state of our world in the present day. Why are we fascinated by revelations (maybe it’s just me)?

I did not have a religious upbringing but I still went through a period in my life that I thought reading and understanding the Bible was a good idea. I didn’t get very far. Despite all the juicy drama that I heard about, I just could not stick with it. And ultimately skipped to the last chapters to see how the story ends. (Which is what I always did with books that were too verbose when I was a teenager.)

This morning I’m pondering the possibility that we… the human species… have finally arrived at the last chapter. Hold tight with me now.

The Bible talks about plagues and cataclysmic global events. There’s fantastical things that occur to clear the place out. And how different is that from this life threatening virus showing up on scene this year?

It does not matter if it came into existence with some flick of mother nature’s wrist or engineered by some mad biological scientist in a lab somewhere. The ominous characteristic of affecting humans and not other species is curious. Yes, rooted and explained by science.. but damning none the less.

And if that was it.. we might consider ourselves lucky that we’ve just been decimated instead of becoming extinct. But that’s not it folks. Its compounded by fire raging because of the perfect combination of drought and the spark from a gender reveal party. It’s exacerbated by relentless extreme weather caused by global warming and melting polar ice-caps. These storms pummel coastlines around the globe with no sign of letting up.. and get worse each year. How much can be endured before people abandon their posts and migrate inland? It’s too late for that.. we’re too dependent.

And let us not forget the rage that rises within the individual human soul that incites violence at every turn. “No place to rest. No peace in war”. Check the daily news. Every day there’s something more.

So I ask again.. is this it? Have we arrived at the end of days?

Perhaps.. But wow. Aren’t the sunrises just incredible here.

Sipping Slowly,
~Miss SugarCookie

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