2021-01-13 “Time Will Tell” but I’m Ready to Exhale…

Spoiler alert… my thoughts this AM are flooded, and some of it’s political. Some of it is about positions of power, and some of it is very self-centered. Probably the biggest problem is the flood and so what I’m about to write might not be well formulated or organized. You’ve been warned. 

Thought #1: I know for a fact there are people who believe The Turnip was a great president. I know they believe with all their heart and soul in this misogynist, maniacal megalomaniac. I know because they are willing to rise up and put their own life on the line. I know because his words and actions have them willing to throw away generations of peaceful transitions of power that is one of the foundational principals our country was founded on. And on his behalf, while he presumably sits safe and sound with guards and bulletproof proof suits. It’s sick.

I also know this not just because of the masses conspiring in what feels like a distant conflict, but also because I have direct conversations with people who also believe he has been a great president. People I know personally. People who I otherwise respect. People I’m not able to separate myself from and therefore am sometimes subject to conversations that make my blood boil. 

“Time will tell” they say, what goes down in the history books. What perceptions will become when the dust settles, what reality will prevail. And I pray to the powers of the Universe that the dust can begin to settle soon. I’m covering my eyes and ears and mouth with hope that we can sometime soon be returned to our “regularly scheduled programming,” however broken that is too.

“Time will tell” I agree. That’s all I can say because I truly believe that what the history books will contain is a detailed account of the worst president the United States has ever had. It’s so clear to me that this is the case and that is also how and why I know for a fact the other side believes they are right without question. The division becomes wider and wider with each passing day, with each event. And If Biden thinks he can operate on the principal of “unity” he’s just delusional. 

He has to operate with a principal of reality. He’s inherited a mess. He’s not a strong person (in my opinion) and has to use all the tools and people he has at his elbow to make micro-improvements, focusing on the biggest task at hand which is the global pandemic. 

I don’t want to get off track talking about Biden. That’s a whole other conundrum. 

“Time will Tell” and it’s already happening. Many of the people holding office as Republicans are already readjusting their stance. Some are publicly cutting ties and others are probably quietly backing away from the wall of solidarity that Turnip has stood on top of for 4 years. Anyone with an ounce of self-respect AND.. this is the important bit.. hope for a future in politics, is excusing them self from the wall. 

As the tide turns, those folks who know in their hearts he’s a bad man who has been a terrible president and caused the US 4+ years of disgrace, will come out with statements against the man and excuses for their support in this “difficult time.” I wonder how many will just blame their continued support to “team mentality” or the pandemic. I guarantee that as the tide turns, all the fair-weather fans who want to sweep the last 4 years under the rug will begin strategic negotiations with the public via the media to “clarify” their positions. 

“Time will tell” and reason and reality and what is good and just will prevail. I have to believe that or I’d be lost. 

A brief tangent to explore what history has taught us about justice prevailing… slavery and women’s sufferage are two good examples. Are we to a fair and equal place yet? No. But it’s unarguably better than 100 years ago. And I think most agree that we know what is right and fair in these cases.

Many people fought for the “south” believed in their cause and way of life. Many died. Here and now, today, we know that the “north” was right. It’s a no brainer. Though I know there is a minor subset of the population who does not agree. As incredulous as this is, it is also reality. And I don’t think it’s a leap to say the circle of people who harbors the belief that the south was right overlaps heavily with the circle of Turnip supporters who would pull out their guns and storm the national and state capitals of the US. 

The terrifying unknown for me personally is not knowing how big those circles actually are. Is it a group of 30K radicals or 300k? The election was close. Too close. Nobody suspected Turnup could win in 2016. The element of surprise and underdog advantage were key in that victory. Which is part of why he could not win again. Those are one-trick-pony strategies. But it was still too close. 

All I know as a person holding their breath, is that the people I know personally who voted for Trump would not be conspiring to drive to Lincoln Nebraska or Des Moines Iowa right now. They are also just hunkered down with their preferred media sources listening in like most everyone else. They don’t want violence and there are a few who have already officially, privately separated themselves from the crazy that’s still determined to dig heels in and “fight.”

For me this is a big exhale moment. I need to know my family is safe. And we are.

As for Pence, if he had any hope of running for president, he can probably kiss his chances goodbye. Keep digging that grave for your career buddy. So long! 

I’m just gonna keep hiding, and repeating the only thing I can say with absolute certainty.. that “Time will tell.” 

It will. 

Ok. I guess I had a lot to say there, I’ve run out of time and didnt even get to thought #2 or 3. Hopefully I’ll still be just as fired up tomorrow so I can continue working through them.

My opinions are my own and I Own them,

~Miss SugarCookie

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