2021-02-08 Why Was I Looking Forward to Monday?

It’s Monday and I’ve got my plans. I’ve got every single day of my week loaded up with to-do items. As this day begins, I’m evaluating all of it and (as I start adding more that’s already beaming like neon sign with priority) I think to myself how much of a miracle it will be to get it all done. 

No matter. What gets done and what the real priorities are will work themselves out. 

I’m kind of uninspired this morning. Or perhaps my thoughts are too scattered to pick any one thing to write about. My attention is divided. Then divided again and before I know it, the math has resulted in such small digits, there’s no one thing that emerges as large enough to amount to anything. 

I check the weather. -2 here in Omaha

I check email. Nothing new in the last 10 minutes. And I think briefly about the weekly Red Cross email begging for my O positive. I think briefly about that almost daily CVS email ad. I think briefly about 14,337 “unread” emails in my inboxes and how I should do something about that (but know I wont).

I check my FitBit. Only 7.2k steps so far. Damn. 

I check my text messages. I think more about the latest thread with my friend M, reread my response, and worry about my choice of words. 

Then I think about the calendar date. February 8. Now that it’s no longer my ex-husbands birthday, the door is open again to communicate about our son who is failing English. Just yesterday he basically ignored the consequence of losing his computer privileges because of the grade. He snuck his PC (yes, the whole tower, and all peripherals including the monitor) into his sisters car. His plan was obviously to take it to his dads house and the plan was thwarted by his sister who saw it, called me, and ratted him out. Needless to say he went to his dads without it. 

I need to communicate with his teachers, IEP person, and his father. None of which was originally on my agenda today. But it’s the priority now. 

See, I just needed to write to figure that out. 

Despite the short post today, I have actually been walking for an hour. That’s a testament to how much thinking and not writing I’ve been doing. 

In any case. There’s no rest for the wicked and I need to get on with my day. 

Not the Monday I was Looking For, 
~Miss SugarCookie

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