2021-02-13 The Meaning of Life and Other Trivial Musings and Observations

Now I’ve gone and done it. It took a very long time and lots of analysis and countless experiments but I’ve finally definitively answered the ultimate question.. which, of course, is.. “what is the meaning of life.”

The answer is now crystal clear and It was quite simple actually. As soon as this post goes viral, folks around the world will begin their pilgrimage to Omaha Nebraska for a chance to get a selfie with the person who figured it out.

All I really had to do was change the definition of the word “meaning” to “color” and the definition of the word “life” to “pure quartz.” Waaaa-laaaa … crystal clear. 🤣

Actually the most important way to conduct oneself throughout the course of their life to get the most out of it is to not take it too seriously. The Earth is currently home to *almost* 7.7 billion people and we’re all together alone on this hunk of rock rotating through space. Alone in the way that there’s not another planet like ours anywhere even remotely close enough to travel to even if we could survive the trip.

What you do with your life isn’t going to matter beans to anyone but you and your very immediate sphere of influence. The only ticket off this rock is death and there are no guarantees for what happens then. Nope. No way to know no matter what potential “afterlife” humans have conjured with their primitive human brains. Religion is just a made up word/construct to try and satisfy the need to answer unanswerable questions (and also build empires and destroy others in the name of “God”). Religion is no different than science fiction.

Why do people believe in Life on other planets when there’s no evidence? Why do people believe in God when there’s no evidence? Don’t get me wrong, I applaud the effort to find evidence. It’s impressive but (for now) quite futile.

As beings with slightly higher functioning brains and a need for connection and a desire to communicate, we invented language. We invented making sounds with our mouths and called them words. We attached meanings to collections of sounds and began putting them together in longer sequences and called it sentences. We condensed more complex and abstract feelings into other words. We began naming everything. We invented language in the same way we invented utensils to eat with or baskets to carry things more efficiently. Language is just a tool.

And because humans were scattered across the globe without a way to connect to people outside their sphere of influence, the languages developed very differently and ultimate created what is commonly called (in English) a “language barrier”.

Humans with their little grayish-pink brains react poorly to anyone or anything that’s different or can’t be understood. We reject outsiders. We draw a line and call it a “border” and tell others they can or can’t cross it. This is a very shortsighted and primitive way of thinking.

By now all the “territories” have been named and claimed and there’s no-where else to go on earth to just live your life in peace. You have to choose where to live and how to live (If you are fortunate enough to have been born in a territory whose rules allow choice). Every territory has rules and a very small subset of humans who dictate those rules. Don’t let the construct of democracy fool you, we (the people who live in the United States) don’t have any say-so in the rules either. Democracy is just the word they use to lull us away from the realization that it’s just another dictatorship.

Yes we vote, but it’s largely for people and not actual laws. The lawmakers we vote for are supposed to have the best interest of the people at heart. But they don’t. They are also flawed human beings who are self-centered and concerned with money, power, their own livelihood, and sadly, all too often just getting re-elected. 

The rules are all established anyhow so how it’s going to be has already been decided. Changing the rules at this point is a process that’s broken beyond repair. It’s complicated.

Complicated is a word we often use in English to express something that would otherwise take a whole heck of a lot of words to communicate effectively. So we just get lazy and say it’s “complicated.” 

I do it too. I just did. Because I’m lazy. I don’t want to explain how the American government is broken beyond repair.

Because it’s Saturday and I don’t want to spend any more time typing words on a tiny screen than I have to. It’s Saturday and it’s damn fucking cold outside and I just want to sink into my warm couch with a hot cup of cream and sugar (AKA coffee) and read or chat with my people or write some poetry. 

That’s exactly how I discovered the true meaning of life. See.. crystal clear! 😉 You’re welcome.

And now that I’ve satisfied my own selfish need to get ten thousand steps today, I’m going to quit and make that coffee.

With peace and love,

~Miss SugarCookie

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