2021-11-27 Not enough time to get anywhere…

Hi! I’ve only got about 20 minutes to walk here before I have to get going. Somehow my Saturday filled up with stuff without me realizing it. I’m going to a friend’s house to chat this morning after which I’ll probably be heading directly to my mom’s house, who is super anxious for me to set up her new phone. She bought herself an upgrade and I’m the apple fan girl of the fam so it falls on me to assist. 

Of course she also has some other chores for me while I’m at the house. She’s still on a 10 pound weight restriction which means someone else has to get the boxes of Christmas decorations out of the basement. I’m not sticking around to help beyond that. I’m not even in the mood to decorate my own house. The magic of Christmas hasn’t hit me yet. 

When I get home it will be time for Jim and I to hit the Walgreens where our Covid booster and flu shot will be at 4pm. After yesterday we agreed that tonight will be date night for us so we’ll be spending the rest of the evening together. Probably dinner and perhaps enjoy some games in the basement, perhaps a movie. 

Yesterday I declared game day with my kids and we played board games for about 7 hours straight. It was all fun and games until we got to the end of Catan and a huge fight broke out. C played a monopoly card and took all the clay and then Z wanted to rage quit because that was her whole next play (and her largest resource supply in the game). 

I tried to diffuse but it just escalated from there and… ended with Z in tears and C acting like he didn’t care. 

I subsequently had conversations with both of them in their respective bed rooms and they were very different conversations. Z was personally and emotionally centric and with C it was like he was still focused on the game and how that turned out, trying to rationalize why things went into a downward spiral after that play. 

Anyway..  have way more to say about this but I’ve got to git. 

More later, 

~Miss SugarCookie


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